Don't Miss Tnr Tv Live From The Conventions!
August 26, 2008

Over on The Stump, our convention correspondents have been filing video dispatches live from Denver: - TNR Associate Editor Eve Fairbanks slips into the “Hillary Suite,” ground zero for the still-not-over-it crowd, where she interviews a diehard holdout.

Home News
August 06, 2008

TNR senior editor Jonathan Cohn's book Sick: The Untold Story of America's Health Care Crisis--and The People Who Pay The Price has won the Harry Chapin Media Award, which is given out by World Hunger Year to recognize the year's best work on hunger and poverty-related issues. Sick, which builds heavily on ideas and arguments developed in The New Republic, was also a finalist for the Robert F. Kennedy Book Award and the New York Public Library's Helen Bernstein Award. Congratulations! --Barron YoungSmith

Yossi Klein Halevi On The Nine Lives Of Ehud Olmert
July 30, 2008

Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert announced today that he will resign his post after his party elects a new leader in September. We asked TNR contributing editor Yossi Klein Halevi for his take from Jerusalem:    Is it really time for eulogies? Is the abyss known as the "Olmert era" closing? Ehud Olmert has been eulogized so often that, even now, after announcing his intention to resign as Israeli prime minister when the Kadima party holds primaries for a new leader in mid-September, some Israelis don't quite believe it.

Jonah Goldberg, Call Your Publisher
July 11, 2008

Conservative book editor Adam Bellow has a (subscriber-only) essay in World Affairs about book publishing and the cuurrent state of conservative intellectuals. I don't agree with all that much of it, but his candor is admirable. At one point he responds at length to Andrew Sullivan's accusation that Bellow-published books "Liberal Fascism" by Jonah Goldberg and "The Enemy at Home" by Dinesh D'Souza" were "shrill, obnoxious partisan screeds." Bellow writes: I bridled at Andrew’s suggestion that I was somehow responsible for this.

Audio: TNR Editor Praises Nixon, Calls JFK 'Insecure.'
July 09, 2008

With Obama taking fire for reframing his position on Iraq, and pundits like E.J. Dionne, Jr. and The Democratic Strategist warning against "getting trapped into the 'I'll bomb, too' Democratic wannabe role," it's worth taking a look back at history. In this audio interview with E.J Dionne, Jr. TNR executive editor Peter Scoblic takes a look back at the genesis of the Democratic "me too" impulse, during the post-McCarthy era of the early 1960s--contrasting Nixon's willingness to take his own road on foreign policy with Kennedy's constant fear of being labeled an appeaser. --Barron YoungSmith

Jonathan Chait On How Obama Should Run Against Mccain
June 06, 2008

With the primary race finally wrapped up, we asked a few people to consider the type of campaign Barack Obama should run against John McCain. Up here is Jonathan Chait, senior editor of The New Republic. How should Barack Obama run? Here are some sub-themes I would suggest he emphasize: 1. Embrace class-based affirmative action. This one is a winner all around.

Historical Perspective On Clinton's Timetable For Conceding
June 05, 2008

David Greenberg is a professor of history and media studies at Rutgers and a contributing editor to The New Republic. Despite what you may have heard, there is nothing slow or delayed about Hillary Clinton's decision to wait until Saturday to formally concede the Democratic nomination--at least as a historical matter.

Michael Tomasky On The Unity Ticket
May 09, 2008

The idea of a Barack Obama-Hillary Clinton "unity ticket" has been floated quite a bit the last few days. But, seriously, is the idea any good? We asked a few friends of the magazine to weigh in. Here's Michael Tomasky, editor of Guardian America. A part of me has lately warmed somewhat to the idea of Barack Obama asking Hillary Clinton to join him as his running mate. But on balance I still think he can do better in both substantive and symbolic terms. The case for the unity ticket is pretty obvious and is implied in the adjective.

Split Decision
February 28, 2008

On January 25, the New York Times endorsed Senator Hillary Clinton. At the time, the 1,100-word editorial stood out for both its tepidness and early appearance, coming near the front-end of the primary season. The piece ran in the paper the Friday before Super Tuesday, instead of in the Times’s symbolically-important Sunday edition.

The Long Run-Up
February 21, 2008

Last night, around dinnertime, The New York Times postedon its website a 3,000-word investigation detailing Senator John McCain’s connections to a telecommunications lobbyist named Vicki Iseman.