Edward Norton

Please “Treme,” I Beg You--Get Over Yourself
May 07, 2010

On Wednesday, TNR senior editor Ruth Franklin explored the way authenticity is played with in David Simon’s new HBO show, “Treme.” Here, John McWhorter offers his own, markedly different opinion on the subject. People can get irritating about their authenticity.

(amusing) Quote Of The Day
April 10, 2008

Courtesy of Rahm Emanuel, from today's New York Times front pager on the Colombia trade pact:  “The fact is, this could very easily be worked out. We need something, infrastructure spending, a new stimulus package, a kids’ health bill. They were being totally arrogant. And I think I know something about arrogance.” The Times refers to Emanuel as "the Illinois Democrat and House Democratic Caucus leader who prides himself on being brusque sometimes." Brusque is of course one of those classic newspaper euphemisms that we read too often.