Romney's Electoral Map Is Tough Without Wisconsin
September 07, 2012

If Romney concedes Wisconsin, Obama's within striking distance of the magic number: 270.

Will Obama Have a Big Bounce? Depends on Why Romney’s Was Small.
September 06, 2012

If Romney's small bounce was a sign of weakness, Obama could be poised for a big bump.

Why Clinton is the Perfect Surrogate For Obama
September 06, 2012

An ex-president with credibility on the economy and support among white working class voters is exactly what Obama needs.

Romney’s Favorables Improve, Even Without Bounce
September 05, 2012

Romney didn't get a bounce at the RNC, but he might have laid the groundwork for future gains.

Why Did the DNC Move Obama’s Speech Inside: Weather or Low Turnout?
September 05, 2012

Obama blames possible bad weather for moving his big Charlotte speech indoor. Possible empty seats might have had something to do with it, too.

Not Much Evidence That Romney Got a Post-Convention Bounce—and That Should Worry Him
September 04, 2012

The post-convention polls show a close race, just as they did before the convention.

The RNC's Sneak Preview of the Coming Republican Primary Bloodbath
August 31, 2012

Four or eight years from the next GOP primary, it's already hard to keep track of the talented potential candidates.

Labor Day Threatens to Ruin Bouncefest 2012
August 31, 2012

If there's a bounce and no one polls it, is there really a bounce?

Watch Five Hidden Post-Convention Bounces
August 31, 2012

There's more to follow than the size of each candidate's bounce.

Today Is The Most Important Day of The Campaign
August 30, 2012

Romney's chances have been hampered by abysmal favorability ratings and tonight is his best chance to turn it around.