Elizabeth Edwards

Michelle Obama Wows The Seniors
December 31, 2007

Grinnell, Iowa - I'm here at the Mayflower senior center to see Michelle Obama, as part of a few posts I'll do on the spousal effect this cycle. Michelle seems to be the kind of speaker that attracts tons of people -- aren't old ladies supposed to be Hillary voters? Well, they're here en masse -- but no journalists. (A lot of pols have the opposite problem.) Maureen Dowd is here, and a C-SPAN guy, but other than that, no scribes.

Elizabeth Edwards In New Hampshire
November 18, 2007

  It's already wintry cold here in New Hampshire: They're forcasting snow flurries for the morning. This evening I dropped in on a house party for Elizabeth Edwards (above) in the town of Hampton, just a few miles across the Massachusetts border. Edwards looked vigorous throughout the two-hour event--the last of several today--and made only a couple of glancing references to her health. She put on an impressive performance overall.

The Politics Of Health

Today's Times has a piece on the starring role of Elizabeth Edwards in her husband's campaign, and I just thought I'd add a dash of anecdotal evidence to a point the story raises: That some people inclined to support Edwards may not be doing so because of Elizabeth's cancer. The Times specifically cites an Iowa woman who told the paper she would support Hillary Clinton for this reason. And when I was in Iowa last month, I met a woman an at Obama event in Anamosa who said something similar.

The Dartmouth Debate

In the "spin room" after tonight's debate, Elizabeth Edwards suggested her husband offers Democrats a rare opportunity: the chance to nominate someone who is both the most progressive and the most electable candidate running. (At least among the plausible candidates.) It's an intriguing notion, one that would play well among the notoriously liberal and notoriously strategic-minded Democrats of Iowa. The only question is whether it's actually possible.

Elizabeth Edwards Vs. Nosey, Opinionated, Busy-body Mothers

Since it's apparently work-and-family day here, I thought I'd call attention to this pretty interesting dispute between Elizabeth Edwards and a poster on, of all things, a Silicon Valley moms blog.

The Edwards Family And Privacy

Here are the first paragraphs of today's front page Wall Street Journal story on Elizabeth Edwards: At a cabin on a recent weekend, Elizabeth Edwards and her 7-year-old son Jack are working on a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle, while 9-year-old daughter Emma Claire is drawing animals on a piece of paper. Returning from a five-mile run, presidential candidate John Edwards raids the refrigerator and plops down in his sweaty clothes to munch on sugar snap peas at the table."You're going to be at the hospital, right?" Mrs.

Elizabeth V. Hillary

Just because Drudge is all over this doesn't make it a phony controversy. Elizabeth Edwards gets into some thorny issues in her Salon interview: Look, I'm sympathetic, because when I worked as a lawyer, I was the only woman in these rooms, too, and you want to reassure them you're as good as a man. And sometimes you feel you have to behave as a man and not talk about women's issues. I'm sympathetic -- she wants to be commander in chief. But she's just not as vocal a women's advocate as I want to see. John is.

The XX Factor
May 21, 2007

KATE MICHELMAN is struggling to carry on a phone conversation without crashing her car as she barrels east across New Hampshire on her way to yet another campaign appearance with Elizabeth Edwards, wife of Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards. This morning, Michelman, who for almost 20 years served as president of NARAL, was in Manchester with Edwards for the official opening of the campaign’s state headquarters.

Edwards And The Internet
March 28, 2007

I think many hardened cynics assumed that Elizabeth Edwards's cancer was going to make fundraising more difficult for the Edwards campaign. As one such cynic explained to me, big-time donors were going to be reluctant to give money to a campaign that--despite the Edwards's pledge to carry on--might very well have to fold tent before the first primary vote. But I think these cynics forgot about the Internet.

Elizabeth Edwards's Classiness
March 22, 2007

When you are working fifteen hours days in places you have never before been, small acts of kindness from your boss and his family can really make all the difference in the world. This is a short way of explaining why Elizabeth Edwards was so beloved by everyone who worked for her husband (and John Kerry) in the 2004 campaign. I never had any contact with her apart from a few handshakes, but I distinctly remember an early August rally that she attended, along with her husband, in stifling Baton Rouge heat.