Emily Bazelon

Michelle Obama’s Most Important Title Really Is Mom-in-Chief
September 05, 2012

Michelle Obama has been the most active Fisrt Lady in memory. She can only do that by being "Mom-in-Chief."

Inequality Home Movies
May 05, 2012

I've been a bit erratic lately in my blogging because I've been running around a lot to publicize my new book (and will be running around a bit more next week to do the same).

Tweet Surrender
May 10, 2010

One of the creepier aspects of Twitter is the way you accumulate "followers." To be clear, I'm not really on Twitter. Last year, I read Emily Bazelon's article about how somebody was impersonating her on Twitter. I signed in, just to make sure nobody was doing this to me, only to discover that this meant I have officially joined Twitter. Ever since, I've been receiving regular messages about how many "followers" I've been accumulating.

The Case For The Moon
January 26, 2010

Emily Bazelon discovers that the moon's a lot more valuable than she thought: Brian Crosby, an astrophysicist, points out that we on Earth rely on the moon in the most basic ways: "First, without the moon, terrestrial life on Earth likely wouldn't exist, as the lack of tides and tidal zones would have deprived the planet of a necessary transition point for life from the ocean to pass onto dry ground. Second, without the moon to stabilize the axis of rotation of the Earth, precession would regularly leave half the planet constantly exposed to the sun and half constantly in shadow.

What if Hillary Had Won?
November 03, 2009

Interesting thought experiment from Slate's Double X. Emily Bazelon says that much would have been the same substantively, but: One specific counter-prediction: If Hillary were president, we'd either have more troops on the way to Afghanistan by now or we wouldn't. She wouldn't have taken her time to ruminate the way Obama is doing, because the barbs about weakness and dithering would have sunk in deeper. I think we almost surely would have more troops on the way.

Humor And The Supreme Court
July 09, 2009

The consistently terrific Emily Bazelon has a very interesting interview with Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in next Sunday's New York Times Magazine. This seemed worthy of more comment: Q: What about the case this term involving the strip search, in school, of 13-year-old Savana Redding? Justice Souter’s majority opinion, finding that the strip search was unconstitutional, is very different from what I expected after oral argument, when some of the men on the court didn’t seem to see the seriousness here.

A Closer Look At Louisville's Innovative Integration Plan
July 20, 2008

Emily Bazelon has a great New York Times Magazine article this week taking stock of what the school district in Louisville has done in response to the Supreme Court's decision last year striking down its previous racial integration plan. The basic outline of the plan has been reported elsewhere, but as Bazelon describes in detail, the district has devised a new integration scheme that takes up Justice Kennedy on his invitation to use class and geography, rather than race explicitly, as a means of integrating schools.

Narrow Minded
July 09, 2008

In 2006, at the end of his first term on the Supreme Court, John Roberts told me and other journalists that his goal as chief justice would be to promote unanimity and collegiality by encouraging his fellow justices to converge around narrow decisions with few dissents. During his first term, Roberts succeeded impressively: More than half of the Court's opinions were unanimous, and only 13 percent were decided by a 5-4 vote. The polarized Supreme Court term that ended last June, however, looked very different.