Enterprise Fund

Meanwhile, Back In Texas...
April 09, 2012

Last month came word that Apple, which has $100 billion cash in hand and last year gave its CEO a stock award worth $634 million, received a $35.5 million incentive package to expand its operations in Austin. Of that sum, $21 million was being provided by the Texas Enterprise Fund, which was created by Gov. Rick Perry back in 2003 using money from the state’s rainy fund, and which has doled out more than $440 million to companies that promise to set up shop in Texas.

Sunday's Lunch Special
October 23, 2011

What's for lunch today? Once again, nothing at all if you're one of 23,000 inmates in the Texas state prisons, which have decided to eliminate weekend lunch in order to save $2.8 million this year.

The Permanent Candidate
What’s driving Rick Perry?
September 28, 2011

What’s driving Rick Perry?