Schilling Pitches For Mccain
December 05, 2007

Manchester, New Hampshire -- I know that over on his fancypants blog Mike already promised you details of the John McCain-Curt Schilling confab. But since we both wound up at the same event, Mike's graciously decided to throw the Plank a bone and has allowed me to do the honors. If McCain wants to go from second to first in the New Hampshire polls, he might want to consider bringing Schilling along with him to every campaign stop.

From Nixon To Hillary
December 04, 2007

A reminder that this isn't the first campaign debate over how much "experience" a secondary player acquired in the White House. And needless to say, it was the "inexperienced" upstart who won this battle.   --Michael Crowley 

Hostage Crisis In New Hampshire; Democrats Address Dnc
November 30, 2007

Clinton Emergency: [The New York Times]: “A man claiming to have a bomb strapped to his chest walked in to Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign offices in Rochester, N.H., today and took hostages, police and witnesses said.”   Final Audition: [Jim Kuhnhenn, AP]: “Bill Richardson, John Edwards and Barack Obama addressed party officials who make up the Democratic National Committee at the committee's fall meeting here, their last opportunity to speak to such a gathering before the first presidential voting begins in January.”   New York State of Mind: [Rebeca Sinderbrand, CNN]: “New York may be Sen

Obama's Company
November 30, 2007

Some of you may recall my infatuation with Barack Obama.  I am a bit less taken with him now...actually not less taken with him, but with his views on foreign policy.  I am still convinced that he is the genuine article, unlike his opponent, the lady with stick-figure passion and no real humor at all.  And certainly no sense of humor about herself.  And, yes, a president who is a person of color -- which is not a sufficient reason to vote for him -- would change the dynamics of America's relationship with the world.  Still, he has to have sound views about that relationship.  The fact is that,

Cameos: Dodd On Youtube, Huckabee As Edwards
November 26, 2007

Door Buster [Foon Rhee, Political Intelligence]: "Since anyone can submit a video to YouTube to pose a question for the Republican presidential debate this week, Democrat Chris Dodd is taking advantage to ask about protecting the Constitution." PAC-man [Greg Sargent, Talking Points Memo]: "Earlier today the Hillary campaign opened up another front in the battle with Barack Obama, accusing him of breaking FEC law over a report in The Washington Post that said that Obama's PAC had been spreading donations around to supporters in the early primary states." In it to Spin [Patrick Ruffini, Town

Houston, We Have A Problem
November 26, 2007

 AP: Democrat Hillary Clinton would lose to all major Republican White House candidates, according to a hypothetical election matchup poll Monday, reversing her months of dominance over potential 2008 challengers. The Zogby International poll was the latest sign that withering attacks on the former first lady were chipping away at her opinion poll leads just 38 days before the Iowa caucuses, the first party nominating contests.

Obama Seeks Young Voters; Hillary Mocks Young Obama
November 21, 2007

Illegal Advantage: [Michael Luo, The New York Times]: “Mr. Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, has in particular sought to wield the issue [of illegal immigration] against his Republican rivals, focusing on Mr. Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City, and Mike Huckabee, the former governor of Arkansas.”   Rock the Vote: [Seema Mehta, Los Angeles Times]: “Of the Democratic candidates, the Illinois senator has the greatest support among young people and the least among senior citizens.

Democrats Battle In Iowa; 9/11 Not The Loyal Lover Giuliani Imagined
November 20, 2007

Close Quarters: [Anne E. Kornblut and Jon Cohen, The Washington Post]: "The top three Democratic presidential contenders remain locked in a close battle in Iowa, with Sen.

The Vegas Debate
November 16, 2007

Earlier this week I had a conversation about Barack Obama with a rival campaign strategist. This summer, the strategist told me, Obama looked downright plaintive--like a man second-guessing his decision to run for president. No longer, said the strategist. In recent weeks, both the candidate and campaign have been acting like a team that expects to win. I think we saw this second Obama on display tonight. He was focused, energized, tough, charismatic--pretty much everything the press had accused him of not being in previous debates.

The Connectivity Campaign
November 15, 2007

Yesterday afternoon, Barack Obama made a speech in Silicon Valley on innovation, outlining a plan to create a national technology czar, or "chief technology officer"--likely some 28-year old techie whiz kid, or kids--charged with making president Obama's wildest web fantasies a reality. The venue was no mistake--he spoke at Google headquarters in Mountain View, a petri dish of hyper-wealthy young innovators, who were soon crowing over his plan to make cutting-edge technology the bedrock of his administration.