The New Star Wars
June 22, 2007

Turns out The Onion's absurd top story this week ("Bush Calls for Development of National Air Conditioner") might not be very far from the truth.

Gop Debate And Democratic Conformity
June 21, 2007

Jonah Goldberg approvingly cites a Jeff Jacoby column that makes the following argument: On one important issue after another, the right churns with serious disputes over policy and principle, while the left marches mostly in lockstep. Liberals sometimes disagree over tactics and details, but anyone taking a heterodox position on a major issue can find himself out in the cold. Just ask Senator Joseph Lieberman .In the liberal imagination, conservatives are blind dogmatists, spouters of a party line fed to them by (take your pick) big business, their church, or President Bush.

Rudy's Bad Day
June 20, 2007

Talk about your bad days. Not only did Rudy's South Carolina campaign chairman ride off on the white horse; he lost his Iowa campaign chairman as well: Jim Nussle has been tapped to serve as White House budget director. Which raises an interesting question: what's worse--getting indicted on crack* cocaine charges? or going to work for the Bush administration in a job once held by Mitch Daniels? *Late reports indicate that, contra my Bob Roberts joke yesterday, Ravenel was charged with distributing good old fashioned cocaine, not crack. --Jason Zengerle

Slavish Support For Hillary
June 13, 2007

I think the Gore-Obama ticket was my idea. Maybe it was the idea of thousands of people. It's so obvious. My ripple was that they should (or should have) run together in the caucuses and the primaries. If anything spooks Hillary, it's Al Gore sprinting for the nomination. Gore-Obama, that would throw her out of the ring. And even her dragged-along supporters would heave a big sigh of relief. Bill Clinton himself thinks that Gore is ready to run. And this spooks Bill, too. His dream of a third term in the White House (and a fourth?) would be shattered.

What Would Ed Gillespie Do?
June 13, 2007

So it looks like Ed Gillespie is going to work at the White House. Yeah, I know: big whoop. I'm only mentioning it because I wanted an excuse to refer back to something I heard Don King say during those strange days in the 2004 presidential campaign when he was the Bush campaign's liaison to black America. Speaking of the uber-lobbyist and Republican apparatchick, King declared: "[I]n Ed Gillespie you can hear the word of Jesus cry, 'I've been anointed to deal with the problems of the poor!'" It's a wonder he's not going to work for John Edwards. P.S.

No-confidence Party
June 11, 2007

Chuck Schumer's no-confidence-in-Gonzales vote went down tonight, 53 -38 (falling short of the 60 needed for the increasingly elusive cloture).

In Today's Web Magazine
June 06, 2007

Zachary Roth says NBC News correspondent David Gregory saved the White House press corps (he also collects videos of Gregory's classic scuffles with Bush and his flacks); Linda Hirshman says that Rahm Emanuel is a modern-day Aristotle; Elizabeth McCaughey criticizes Jonathan Cohn's defense of Hillarycare; Peter Beinart and Jonah Goldberg ask whether the debates are a waste of time; and, in our third excerpt from his book Power and the Idealists, Paul Berman chronicles Bernard Kouchner's creation of Doctors Without Borders. --Alexander M. Belenky

Pray For George Bush's Health
June 05, 2007

by Sanford LevinsonThe latest CBS/New York Times poll conducted between May 18-23 shows the "favorable" rating of Vice President Dick Cheney at a record low. See here. Perhaps the White House takes heart that the "not favorable" rating has actually dropped because the "undecided"s and "haven't heard"s went up by a total 14 points.

Bartlett Out
June 01, 2007

White House communications director to resign July 4. "It's been a hell of a ride," Bartlett told Reuters--but I wonder if he meant was: "It's been hell." --Michael Crowley

Head Fake
June 01, 2007

The president's "new" climate strategy turns out to be utterly vacuous. Stunning, I know. Instead of setting hard targets for emissions reductions, the United States will convene a bunch of meetings from now until 2009, and everyone will sit around and talk about voluntary goals.