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High Noon For Climate Skepticism
September 14, 2010

It's been a good year for climate skeptics. Not, mind you, because they've been vindicated at all on the merits. Quite the opposite: 2010 is shaping up to be the hottest year on record, Arctic sea ice continues to thin out, heat waves have been torching Russia, and nearly one-fifth of Pakistan has been submerged underwater. The science on global warming is still overwhelming. But politically, skepticism is at its zenith. Consider: During the sweatiest U.S.

EPA Showdown Coming This Week
September 13, 2010

Congress is in session this week and it's not likely that any energy legislation will come up, much less pass.

Why Health Care Reform Beat Out Climate
September 10, 2010

Jonathan Bernstein and Matthew Yglesias have posts discussing why Democrats prioritized health care reform over climate change, when the latter is a more urgent and time-sensitive issue than the latter. I think Yglesias has a strong point that the disparate regional impact of climate change legislation made a partisan bill impossible, and the intense legislative cohesion of the Senate Republicans made a bipartisan bill impossible. I think a factor neither of them considers is public opinion.

Poll Shows Support For EPA Regulation
August 31, 2010

Democratic pollster Joel Benenson has a new poll showing pretty strong public support for EPA regulation of greenhouse gasses. I'm generally skeptical of polls by interested parties that purport to measure public opinion, since it's so easy to craft language that steers respondents toward a desired position.

Capping Off Bush Nostalgia Week
August 13, 2010

Just to continue the recent and rather strange thread in my recent thinking, George W. Bush really is looking better all the time, at least in relation to the GOP. I note that, while some Republicans want to revise the 14th Amendment, former Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson, former Bush evil genius turned just-evil-full-stop Karl Rove, and Rove's loyal ward Pete Wehner have all denounced this notion. There does seem to be a general trend for Republican presidents to look better with the passage of time as successive Republicans get crazier.

Where Did BP's Oil Go?
August 04, 2010

So what happened to the millions of barrels of oil that leaked out of BP's Macondo well? Where did it all go? Here's a chart from a new study by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (click to enlarge): Rough summary: About one-quarter of the oil is still bobbing on the sea surface or washed ashore. Another quarter has been dispersed into microscopic droplets, either by artificial chemicals or natural processes. And another quarter has been "dissolved." All told, just 25 percent has been physically removed from the Gulf ecosystem. The rest is still lurking... somewhere.

Rush Limbaugh v. the Volt
August 02, 2010

The Chevrolet Volt was supposed to symbolize the resurgence of America's car industry while fostering energy independence.

The Planet Isn't Cooked Yet
July 27, 2010

Paul Krugman's column yesterday blamed the failure of the climate bill on industries that promote skepticism of the science of climate change along with cowardly politicians who failed to follow their conscience. Those factors are correct on their own terms. You can also add in the filibuster and the failure of industries like coal to recognize their need for some kind of regulatory certainty. But the truth is that public opinion played a major role as well. It's not that Americans oppose action on greenhouse gas emissions -- most polls show they favor it.

July 26, 2010

-- TNR's Afghanistan symposium -- Brad Plumer on the EPA's developing offensive against coal -- Matthew Yglesias moderates a debate between 2003 Niall Ferguson and 2010 Niall Ferguson.

The Coming Coal Shutdown
July 26, 2010

Enviro-types don't have much to be cheery about these days. Climate legislation has sputtered out. Jay Rockefeller is trying to delay the federal government's ability to rein in greenhouse gases. And the party of climate denialism is poised to grab a bunch of seats in Congress next year. So that means carbon emissions are just going to keep rising without end, right? Well, not necessarily.