Eric Holder

As Attorney General Holder Was Saying … Nonsense From The Boston Globe
July 03, 2010

This is about the etiology of the "bombings at (the) Pakistani shrine." Apparently no-one in the Obama administration can stand the thought that the killers are Muslims motivated by Islam.  That's the president's view and, as I wrote last week, also the view of his attorney general Eric Holder. No, this editorial in the Boston Globe is not actually a guest article by Holder. But it might as well have been. At Root Is Fanaticism, Not Islam THE SUICIDE bombings at a Sufi Muslim shrine Thursday in the Pakistani city of Lahore, which killed at least 42 people and injured dozens more, hold a useful

“I Consider Myself A Mujahid, A Muslim Soldier”
June 22, 2010

Thus said Faisal Shahzad, in what seemed to be his profession of faith, characterizing himself, as Benjamin Weiser reports in yesterday’s New York Times, “part of the answer to the U.S. terrorizing the Muslim nations and the Muslim people.” Of course, he was confessing to a ten-count indictment in Federal District Court in Manhattan. In making his plea, Shahzad said the following: I want to plead guilty, and I’m going to plead guilty 100 times forward because until the hour the U.S.

The Sheriff
March 31, 2010

For the better part of an hour, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has been kicked back in the front cabin of Coast Guard One, the small but handsomely appointed plane on which she travels, chatting easily about the challenges of running the third-largest Cabinet department. En route back to Washington after three days of nonstop meetings in Mexico City--a whirlwind visit made more challenging by the fact that Napolitano broke her right ankle playing tennis last month and is still hobbling around on crutches--the secretary is in wind-down mode.

How Obama Ruined Passover
March 30, 2010

According to Commentary's Jennifer Rubin: Obama, as presidents have traditionally done, released a Passover message. It is typical Obama — off-key, hyper-political, and condescending. The core of the message is this: The enduring story of the Exodus teaches us that, wherever we live, there is oppression to be fought and freedom to be won.

Presumed Innocent?
March 24, 2010

The attacks on the Justice Department lawyers who had represented Guantanamo detainees angered me for several distinct reasons. They typified a growing culture of incivility in the politics of national security and law that I have always loathed and have spoken against repeatedly. They sought to delegitimize the legal defense of politically unpopular clients and to impose a kind of ideological litmus test on Justice Department service. They were also, at least in part, about friends and professional acquaintances.

The Chief
March 03, 2010

You think it’s so great being Rahm Emanuel?

The Boston Globe Comes Around: Yes, There Is A Terrorist Threat IN And TO America.
March 01, 2010

The Boston Globe must be one of the most fastidiously civil-libertarian newspapers in America. So much so that it has lost many of its normal liberal readers (that is, Americans who are not blind to the perils the country faces from Muslim terrorism). In an editorial on Thursday, “Al Qaeda’s troubling new focus,” the paper offers a short (but very incomplete) narrative of what has occurred recently on the domestic terror scene. But the fact is that I do not concur that the change is so dramatic. There has been home-grown and violent Islamic jihadism since before 9/11.

“A War Is A War. A War Is Not A Crime, And You Don’t Bring Your Enemies To A Courthouse.”
February 23, 2010

It is so simple. And elegant. What’s more, it is also true. Why are so many liberal Democrats reluctant to concede that there is an intricate international network of ideological gangsters who recognize each other as ikhwan? These brothers do not define themselves by nation. They define themselves by religion, although there are many hundreds of millions of Muslims who are defined out--and define themselves out--of the bloody fraternity of the faithful. Sometimes, they too are stigmatized as enemies, which means they are also targets.

Eric Holder, Pathetic … And His Pathos Is Right There On The Front Page Of The Times.
February 15, 2010

Poor Eric Holder. The fact is that he is none too smart ... and none too versed in constitutional issues. Although Ronald Reagan did appoint him Judge of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia! Ah, those were the days when Republican presidents appointed Democrats to judicial office and Democratic presidents appointed Republicans to same. Actually, aside from his graduation from Stuyvesant High School in New York City, "second rate" is what comes to mind when you hear Holder's name. Hey, Janet Reno wasn't so brainy either. Holder's mental equipment matters now more than ever.

Obama And His Black Brothers And Sisters
February 09, 2010

Some place in the prints this morning, I saw President Obama characterized as bi-racial. It led me to thinking about the way we read men and women with different proportions of blackness in them. Pretty much up to now, it was the Nuremberg Law model: a little bit of Jewish blood, you're Jewish … a little bit of black blood, you're black. A few weeks ago, in an extraordinary piece, John McWhorter parsed the meaning of "African-American" and found it utterly useless or, worse yet, a lie. "Black" is less and less a scientific category and becoming less and less a sociological category, as well.