Erick Erickson

Erick Erickson and Ron Fournier Tweeting About "Leadership" Is Everything Wrong With Politics
July 22, 2014

But, sadly, they do—and they're making a huge deal out of it. 

What John Boehner Is Thinking in Suing Obama
July 08, 2014

Conservatives aren't thrilled with merely suing Obama—but letting him off the hook for not deporting more immigrants would be worse.

The GOP's Obamacare Obsession May Be Collapsing, and That Could Pave the Way for Immigration Reform
April 29, 2014

Republicans like Boehner are losing the nerve to repeal Obamacare and finding the spine to push for immigration reform simultaneously.

Romney Spokesperson Ignites Right-Wing Backlash; I Rise to Her Defense
August 08, 2012

Mitt Romney’s press secretary Andrea Saul brought the full wrath of the GOP’s right-wing down on her unsuspecting head today by suggesting that Romney is, you know, proud of his signature health care bill. The scene of the crime was a Fox News discussion of an ad implying that a woman died because her husband lost his insurance when a Bain-controlled plant laid him off.

In (Partial) Defense of a (Supposedly) Indefensible Ad
August 08, 2012

It's one of those days when the news cycle is moving faster than I can write about it. As of Wednesday afternoon, the chatter online is all about the Romney campaign's unexpected decision to cite his Massachusetts health reforms as proof that he cares about average Americans facing financial hardship. The decision is unexpected because Romney has spent the past two years vowing to repeal the Affordable Care Act, whose scheme for expanding insurance coverage is basically a national version of what Romney did in Massachusetts.

A Conservative on Why Newt Still Has Life
December 27, 2011

Earlier today I tried to explain why Newt's numbers had stabilized after their recent nose-dive:   [W]hile Republican voters don’t want him to be their nominee, they don’t want Romney to stroll to the nomination either. The week-and-a-half or so Newt spent in freefall gave them a chance to imagine the primaries playing out as a Romney coronation, and they didn’t find the scenario especially heartening.

A Brokered Convention?
December 08, 2011

An increasingly despairing Erick Erickson goes there: I think it is time to move beyond wishful thinking and take seriously the idea of having a brokered convention with someone other than the current crop of candidates becoming the nominee...The candidates in this race are good people, but none of them are proving to be of a caliber of conservative leader we should be putting on the field to take on the socialist in the White House. The odds of a brokered convention are slim to none now. But I think we might need to have a conversation about it.

Rising On The Right, Talk Of Thin Skin
December 01, 2011

At the risk of piling on, it seems worth following up on yesterday's post drawing the link between my cover story on Mitt Romney's temperament and his testy Fox News interview to note that some of Romney's toughest critics on the right are now drawing conclusions about his sensitivity that some of my piece's critics on the left shied from.

Why Jon Huntsman's New Hampshire Performance Matters
November 11, 2011

[Guest post by Simon van Zuylen-Wood] Yesterday in this space, Alec MacGillis argued the GOP field is such a pitiful morass of second bananas, we should scrap the primaries altogether. He makes a compelling point: Herman Cain is on the brink of implosion and Rick Perry is back in the gutter after Oopsgate. Republican voters will soon have cycled through a full third of the field in search of a viable non-Romney, only to witness each candidate flame out. Well, what about Jon Huntsman, deemed Obama’s most worthy opponent by the paper of record?

The Secret Behind Herman Cain’s Success
September 30, 2011

Former pizza magnate Herman Cain’s upset victory in the September 24 Florida Republican straw poll, and his subsequent rise to a competitive third place position in at least one national poll, are being generally interpreted as a function of GOP voter unhappiness with previous “top-tier” candidates (Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, and arguably Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul).