Erskin Bowles

This Deal Isn't Sounding So 'Balanced'
July 06, 2011

President Obama on Tuesday reiterated his insistence that Republicans agree to a “balanced” deficit reduction package that includes both spending cuts and new taxes. It was good to hear Obama make that argument again and, better still, to hear him make it so emphatically. But what exactly does he mean? Recent reports suggest that the administration would agree to a deal including about $2 trillion in reduced spending and about $400 billion in increased revenue.

Trying Not to Freak Out About Obama's Speech, I Am
April 12, 2011

President Obama's big speech on the federal budget comes tomorrow. And during that speech, according to the Washington Post, Obama will be "promoting a bipartisan approach pioneered by an independent presidential commission." The commission is the one led by Erskin Bowles and Alan Simpson. The news that Obama might use tomorrow's event to promote their work is a worrisome sign. To be clear, the Post story doesn't say how specific or meaningful Obama's embrace of Bowles-Simpson will be.