Eugene Debs

August 06, 2010

-- Leon Wieseltier is losing faith in the Afghan War. -- Is Larry Summers ruining Obama’s economic policy? -- “Eugene Debs” toys with right-wing conspiracy theorist Stanley Kurtz -- The first Senate reform whip count

Comment Of The Day: Bold Talk To Ex-communist Crowd
July 24, 2008

Noam was impressed by the rhetoric in Barack Obama's highly anticipated Berlin speech. But even though Obama expressed his love for his own country, Noam worried that the setting and the tone of the speech may be too post-nationalist for many swing voters.  In the comments, primwallflow thought Obama was daring in his message in light of Berlin's history with communism: I agree it was perfectly calibrated... it was certainly bold to deliver such an unabashedly pro-American/anti-Communist speech in a city that, let's not forget, was half communist a mere 19 years ago.

Girlie, Interrupted
January 15, 2001

American Feminism, Still vigorous in its latest run of thirty years, is also old enough to produce its own vexed family dynamics. In the political unconscious of the women's movement, the mothers, beset by anxieties about age and the fate of their boldest dreams, fret at their offspring's backsliding ways. And the young bridle at the old guard's faith that a politics devised thirty years ago retains its potency today.