Greece's Neo-Nazi Politicians Are Awaiting Trial—and as Popular as Ever
September 23, 2014

But the party is still frighteningly popular. What is going on?

Europe Is on the Brink of Its First War in Decades. Here's What the West Must Do.
September 02, 2014

Bernard-Henri Levy lays out what we need to do. 

Happy Labor Day. Are Unions Dead?
August 31, 2014

No, says an expert and former labor official. But they're in trouble.

The Catholic Church Prefers Medieval Barbarism to Modern Abortion
August 19, 2014

Women can be strapped down and force-fed until their fetus comes to term.

Europe's Fears About Sanctioning Russia Are Overblown
July 28, 2014

“Russia’s economy would collapse faster and quicker.”

This Sculptor Piles People on Top of Each Other to Make Art
July 22, 2014

And rethinking public spaces in the process.

Photos That Brutally Demonstrate What Teenagers Will Endure to Escape to Europe
July 16, 2014

This is what life as an immigrant in limbo looks like. 

Henry Fairlie on What Europeans Thought of Our Revolution
July 04, 2014

It really was a shot heard round the world.

Rage Against the Machine: The Rise of Anti-Politics Across Europe
June 06, 2014

Urban voters from former industrial heartlands and rural voters put off by the liberal values being adopted by mainstream parties turned out in disproportionate numbers. Can politicians ever win back their trust?

How Nigel Farage Engineered a Far-Right Victory in the U.K.
May 26, 2014

The UKIP vote might be here to stay.