Seven Underrated Counties
November 06, 2012

 Throughout the Bush years, Orange County, FL, Franklin County, OH, and Bucks County, PA ascended to national preeminence as the closest counties in the closest states in the 2000 election. In 2008, the diverse and well-educated new coalition counties, like Arapahoe, CO, Fairfax, VA, Wake, NC stole the show. In 2012, Obama could easily win every county listed above and lose the election. As the suburbs diversify and Republicans compensate with additional inroads into the countryside, the old swing counties of the Bush years have largely moved into the Democratic column.

Naked Sleep Walkers Beware
October 26, 2009

Did you know that wandering around your own home in the buff can get you tossed in jail? This is one of those issues I never gave a moment's thought until I ran across today's WaPo piece about a guy in Fairfax, VA who was recently jolted from a nap on his sofa by a bunch of cops waving a taser in his face and calling him a perv. Seems a neighbor had reported the guy for exposing himself to her and her young son as they were walking past his house that morning.