When Will the Fashion Industry Treat Underage Models Like the Children They Are?
February 23, 2015

"In the fashion world, there are no rules. It’s a lawless state."

Let's Bring Back Mourning Clothes
October 26, 2014

It would give the world an outward sign of our inner grief.

My Weekend With Oscar de la Renta
October 21, 2014

Remembering the kindness and generosity of one of fashion's greats.

The Suit Is the Greatest British Invention
October 10, 2014

"Nothing else that comes from this pathetically stunted island has had anything like the universal acceptance, reach, or influence of the suit."

George Orwell Wrote One of the Most Incensed Takedowns of American Fashion Magazines
September 19, 2014

Even in the 1940s, he'd had enough of super skinny, unrealistic models. 

Charles James Was an Artist—But Don't Hang His Works in a Museum
September 12, 2014

His work is being treated with the kind of seriousness and acclaim given to Rodin or Rothko or any other major figure in the history of art.

Nine West Thinks Women Need "Husband-Hunting" Shoes
Five ideas for the shoe company's next ad campaign
August 04, 2014

So we have a few suggestions for them.

In France, It Really Matters What Politicians Wear. Even Men.
François Hollande is just the country's latest fashion victim
July 28, 2014

François Hollande is just the country's latest fashion victim.

Dov Charney, Terry Richardson, and the Misogynistic Truth About Hipster Cool
A bizarre double standard has emerged in the fashion world, where misogyny is OK, as long as it pastiches a bygone era of kitsch female subjugation
June 20, 2014

There is a bizarre double standard in the fashion world, where misogyny is OK as long as it's retro.

Gauche Olympic Fashion: A History
And you thought the 2014 USA uniforms were bad
January 30, 2014

The Ralph Lauren-designed Team USA uniforms this year are hideous, but Olympic history is littered with goofy, gauche, and unattractive fashion