The Tragicomedy of the 9/11 Trial
A report from Guantanamo Bay
April 15, 2014

Accusations that the FBI may be spying on defendents causes yet another delay.

See Something, Say Nothing
We are all suspicious now
June 09, 2013

We are all suspicious now.

What News Corp's Hacking Scandal Has to Do with James Rosen's Phone Records
June 03, 2013

Why wouldn't Fox's parent company tell the network that the Justice Department had searched the communications of one of a Fox reporter? 

Is the 'Chilling Effect' Real?
National-security reporters on the impact of federal scrutiny
May 15, 2013

National-security reporters on the impact of federal scrutiny.

Do You Have the Right to Remain Silent?
The Obama administration's radical view of Miranda rights was in place well before Boston
April 21, 2013

The Obama administration has gone much further than the Bush administration in embracing new restrictions on Miranda rights

An Important Israeli Film's Large Implications
On counter-terrorism at the movies
February 11, 2013

In "The Gatekeepers," six former heads of Shin Bet, Israel’s FBI, describe the good, the bad, and the ugly of their job.