The Rampant Swindle Costing American Workers
September 05, 2014

Employers are stealing billions of dollars from their workers.

FedEx Refuses to Treat Your Friendly Delivery Guy Like a Real Employee
August 28, 2014

And an important new court ruling could change that.

Thanksgiving Is All About Family Guilt
November 22, 2012

It’s the holiday when you’re never where you’re supposed to be.

Will Obama’s Jobs Speech Matter?
September 01, 2011

President Obama has accommodated Speaker John Boehner by moving his speech from Wednesday to Thursday. He also intends accommodate football fans by finishing his address before the Packers and Saints play in the NFL season opener that evening. Kickoff is at 8:30, so I suppose that means the president plans to begin the speech early or to speak really, really quickly. Maybe he can get some pointers from the guy who used to make those FedEx commercials.  But does the speech even matter?

Daley Beast
January 13, 2011

When President Obama appointed William Daley as the new White House chief of staff, a great cry of relief was heard in the land, especially those parts of the land that happen to be corporate boardrooms. “His moderate views and Wall Street credentials,” reported The Washington Post, “make him an unexpected choice for a president who has railed against corporate irresponsibility and tried, with limited success, to appease restive liberals who think he has not been tough enough on bankers.” “All of these are excellent, pro-business moves,” enthused Fred Smith, CEO of FedEx.

On Wings Of Eagles
April 07, 2010

Politico the other day ran a story about the "Young Eagles," a wing of the Republican Party that seems to have been created in order to fulfill every cultural stereotype of the GOP. It's a fundraising program for young, rich Republicans. The problem is, the cost of becoming an Eagle is very low, and the cost of entertaining an Eagle is very high. So the Young Eagles program, much like the Republican Party's economic agenda, has largely devolved into a subsidy for lavish consumption by the rich: The Young Eagles are “a fun group,” the former member said.

They Ain’t With Main Street
February 12, 2010

The excerpts that Bloomberg published Wednesday from its interview with Barack Obama provoked some indignation from Simon Johnson, Paul Krugman, and others, but the full interview, published yesterday morning by Bloomberg BusinessWeek, deserves a few additional howls.

Mike and the Mad Dog
January 08, 2010

Steven Fatsis: Can Mike Shanahan save the Redskins?

At Jesse Jackson Jr.'s Town Hall
August 19, 2009

This evening I was sitting in a packed church at 113th and Halsted in the Chicago southland listening to Representative Jesse Jackson, Jr. present an impassioned populist defense of the United States Post office. Reverend Jackson and I were talking this morning about health insurance reform. He said ‘“Jesse, sum up this public option thing for me.’ I heard the President give an analysis that I think appropriate: Federal Express, UPS, DHL, the private option. The public option: email, the post office. If you want to pay your bill, sending it overnight for $30, choose the private option.