The Real Reason Why Republicans Folded on the Filibuster
July 16, 2013

The constitutional crisis du jour has been averted.

Bring on the Nuclear Option!
July 15, 2013

Sometimes gridlock is good. Ninety-eight senators met in a rare, closed-door session on Monday night. A smaller group of senators, including the leaders of both parties, met separately afterwards.

Lamar Alexander's Agenda for a Filibuster-Free Senate
July 15, 2013

Is Tennessee’s Lamar Alexander such a proud upholder of Senate tradition that he can’t bear to give ground on the filibuster? Is he simply spoiling for a fight?

Nuclear War
Why filibuster reform matters
July 15, 2013

What happens if an entire 80-year-old agency of the United States government with some 1700 employees effectively ceases functioning, even as it continues to exist on paper and occupy a line on the federal budget?

Why a Filibuster Rule Change Won't Turn the Senate Into the House
July 12, 2013

Harry Reid’s threat to change filibuster rules so executive nominees will only require 51 votes for approval has touched off dire warnings that doing so would put the Senate on a slippery slope to becoming more like the House.

A Liberal Lion With No Roar
How the Senate has frustrated Jeff Merkley
July 11, 2013

In another time, Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley would have a list of liberal accomplishments a mile long.

Is the Filibuster Unconstitutional?
The Founding Fathers might not approve of today's Senate
March 07, 2013

The Founding Fathers might not approve of today's Senate.