'Captain Phillips' Will Pummel You Into Submission
You won't even notice Tom Hanks's awful Boston accent
October 10, 2013

Paul Greengrass could make the most mundane human activity—slouching in a work cubicle, napping in a hammock—feel dramatic.

Donald Rumsfeld Is Finally Under Interrogation
“The Unknown Known”: The scope and limits of documentary
October 10, 2013

As an investigation, The Unknown Known adds little to our memory of Rumsfeld’s press conferences and his lugubrious ruminations over what words meant. The marvel of the film (and of other Morris projects) is the cold lucidity of the light in undeviating close-up on the “witness.”

Stanley Kauffmann Tribute: A Gentleman
October 09, 2013

The first time I met Stanley I had just started at The New Republic in the job of assistant literary editor, which has long entailed being the liaison between Stanley and the magazine. For several months I had spoken to him on the phone each week.

Arrival of an Artist
April 10, 1961
October 09, 2013

At last. Michelangelo Antonioni is an Italian director who has just made his seventh film and who is so highly esteemed abroad that there has already been an Antonioni Festival in London.

A New Spielberg; and Others.
December 10, 1993
October 09, 2013

Steven Spielberg has made his own Holocaust museum.

Spielberg Revisited
January 24, 1994
October 09, 2013

If a film has genuine worth, it's more than one film. It changes with further viewings. The second time you see it, it's larger. This time you aren't "distracted" by the story, by discovering what happens next.

Getting Better
March 25, 1996
October 09, 2013

It's always fun to see a reliable old story smartly updated. This time it's the man and woman who are both in the news game, and this time of course it's the TV news game.

A Wry Requiem
March 24, 1997
October 09, 2013

Under the credits Kathleen Ferrier sings the haunting lament from Gluck's Orfèo. A man's voice says:I have to tell you that a very special little world has died and I am the designated mourner.

Stanley Kauffmann Tribute: A Citizen of a Wider World
October 09, 2013

For decades, readers of The New Republic could not comprehend that their beloved and trusted Stanley Kauffmann was in his seventies, his eighties, and then his nineties. He had started as film critic at the magazine in 1958.

Stanley Kauffmann Tribute: "A Masterpiece Every Week!"
October 09, 2013

In the early 1960s, when I was an undergraduate, I first began reading Stanley Kauffmann in The New Republic, and I got pulled into his eloquent enthusiasms for the exciting new art coming to the States from Italy, France, Sweden, Japan, and Eastern