Norman Mailer's Hollywood: Antiquated, Perverse, and Much like Ours
June 11, 2014

It drove the powerful as crazy as the powerless. And it hasn't changed.

This Summer's Abortion Comedy May Save the Rom-Com
June 09, 2014

That's right. A comedy about abortion.

Even Emily Blunt Can't Save the New Tom Cruise Movie
June 04, 2014

Edge of Tomorrow is lavish, ear-splitting junk

'The Immigrant' Raises Marion Cotillard to a Select Pantheon
May 27, 2014

American cinema has too long glossed over the reality of the huddled masses.

The Media Forgets That AIDS Is Still an Epidemic, But Hollywood Doesn't
May 26, 2014

The Normal Heart and Dallas Buyers Club are ushering in a new kind of AIDS film, one that is finally willing to mount a damning indictment of our government's negligence.

Francois Ozon's New Movie Makes Prostitution Look Like an Yves Saint Laurent Ad
May 18, 2014

Young and Beautiful has more product placement than character.

The Best World War II Documentary Was Faked
May 03, 2014

The Battle of San Pietro was largely reenacted. The explosions were fake. But the troops were real, and they were really dying.

The Art of Scandal
May 02, 2014

Unless it is something outrageous—like Kim Kardashian doing it in the library with John Boehner and a debt ceiling—don’t expect us to be impressed or to remember it by tonight. So the full heartfelt insanity with which Ingrid Bergman and Roberto Rossellini invented modern scandal has to be traced in history.

Desensitized to Seeing Death in Movies? Watch 'Miele'
May 02, 2014

Miele is a film about assisted suicide that doesn't moralize about it. Needless to say, it couldn't have been made in America.