What's Isabelle Huppert Doing in This Third-Rate Thriller?
March 11, 2013

"Dead Man Down" is dark, nasty, violent, and laughably boring. It also features one of the best actresses in the world.

Three Worlds
March 09, 2013

A sympathetically acted film about Jean Renoir, a PBS documentary on the life of Philip Roth, and a small movie about young Americans in China.

Schindler's Girl in the Red Coat Speaks Out
March 07, 2013

The "red coat" girl of Schindler's List now says she's horrified by the movie she filmed when she was twelve. Should Spielberg have shot the vulgar scene to begin with?

March 04, 2013

From Contagion to "House of Cards," Hollywood seems to think that new media is filled with avaricious, amoral youngsters.

Nudity Clause
March 02, 2013

From Jayne Mansfield to Seth MacFarlane, a brief history of Hollywood's breast anxiety.

The Strange Power of Les Mis, the Book
March 02, 2013

Why the most dramatic parts of Les Misérables are also the most politically incisive.


What Are All Our Zombies Telling Us?
March 01, 2013

There are sane young people who are not counting on living a full term. And there are things in our culture that reflect that doubt. 

February 25, 2013

The Iranian master Abbas Kiarostami has now made his second feature in exile.

Last Gasp
February 23, 2013

Michael Haneke is a paragon of the benefits of a generous state-funded film industry.

R.I.P. Alan Sharp, a Writer Too Dark for Hollywood
February 22, 2013

Alan Sharp's movies reflected the confusion, failures, and darkness of the 1970s—and maybe that's why no one wanted to see them.