See 'Low Down': John Hawkes Is Our Least Appreciated Master Actor
October 22, 2014

His performance is quiet and subtle—and will blow you away.

How Martin Scorsese Created the Modern Masculine Ideal
October 17, 2014

If masculinity were a product, then Italian-American masculinity—florid, violent, hungry for respect, as thin-skinned as Italian sausage—would be the brand leader, thanks to the movies.

Gone Girl's Feminist Update of the Old-Fashioned Femme Fatale
October 08, 2014

Commentators who charge Gone Girl with sexism or immorality make the mistake of assuming that its message is literal.

You Can't Teach Genius, No Matter What 'Whiplash' Thinks
October 07, 2014

A genius doesn't need to be told to practice, practice, practice. 

Dear White People, You Need To See 'Dear White People'
October 03, 2014

A Q&A about moviemaking, race, and Shonda Rhimes with the film's writer and director. 

In 'Gone Girl,' David Fincher Embraces his Nasty Misanthropy
October 02, 2014

You know a film is Fincher from its remorseless, depressive view of humanity.

The Juno Director Turned an Outdated Anti-Tech Thinkpiece into a Movie
October 02, 2014

This film has its thesis underlined like a freshman term paper. 

Don't Love or Hate Lena Dunham. Create More of Her.
October 01, 2014

The pressure on young female celebrities is unsustainable.

Study Discovers that Movies Sexualize 13-Year-Old Girls as Much as Women in Their 30s
September 24, 2014

This new study has some really disturbing findings.

The New Fairy Tale Is Trying to Escape Its Past
September 23, 2014

How fairytale re-tellings betray their origins.