'Still Alice' Isn't the Year's Best Film But It May Be the Most Important
December 03, 2014

A startling, moving film about Alzheimers. 

Finally a Movie That Captures What It's Like to Be Asian American
December 02, 2014

We're not all kung fu masters, geishas, or child emperors.

One of the 20th Century's Most Powerful Films Is Being Forgotten
November 29, 2014

It's one of my top 10 movies of all time.

I Saw More Than 8,000 Movies, and I Never Tired of Them
November 26, 2014

Getting in for free doesn't hurt.

Pauline Kael’s Rousing, Visionary Review that Helped Bring the French New Wave to America
November 25, 2014

Her passionate, wild writing launched careers—including her own.

"We Like Vampires Because We Hate Death"
November 24, 2014

Talking to the director of A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night.

How Mike Nichols and 'The Graduate' Changed American Movies Forever
November 20, 2014

The sexual frankness of 'The Graduate' was less revolutionary than its moral stance.

'The Imitation Game' and 'Theory of Everything' Lack the Conviction to be Great Biopics
November 19, 2014

Scientists have never been so sexy—and so devoid of personality.

An 'Iranian Vampire Movie' Is One of the Best Films of the Year
November 19, 2014

And much more than that label implies. 

Jon Stewart's Iranian Drama Only Shines When It Tries to Be Funny
November 13, 2014

The main question Rosewater grapples with is whether Stewart can hack it as a filmmaker.