First Lady

Where's Holbrooke?
September 21, 2009

Look, everything I know about the top U.S.

Why Health Reform Matters: Some Personal Illustrations
September 09, 2009

Want a hint about what the president will say tonight? Check out the guest list for the First Lady's box, which the White House just published.

The Politics of the Jackboot
August 20, 2009

WASHINGTON -- Try a thought experiment: What would conservatives have said if a group of loud, scruffy leftists had brought guns to the public events of Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush?  How would our friends on the right have reacted to someone at a Reagan or a Bush speech carrying a sign that read: "It's time to water he tree of liberty"?

The Lady Is A Champ
August 26, 2008

Howard Wolfson, former communications director for Hillary Clinton, has been writing for us from Denver. Here are his thoughts on Michelle Obama's performance last night (cross-posted at his blog, Gotham Acme). The job of First Lady has no set job description and no formal responsibilities. That fact hasn't stopped the GOP from attacking our candidates for First Lady--beginning with Hillary Clinton in 1992 and then Teresa Heinz Kerry in 2004. That playbook was dusted off earlier this year when the criticisms of Michelle Obama began.