“Don't Touch My Junk” Sneaks Into the Supreme Court
November 01, 2012

A case about dog-sniffing could have a huge impact on the use of privacy-invading technologies.

Daily Breakdown: Obama Enters November With The Advantage
November 01, 2012

Wednesday's polls showed Obama well-positioned across the battleground states.

Sandy’s Lesson for the Voters: Government Matters
October 30, 2012

Sandy should remind us why we need a big, strong federal government

Why Florida Remains So Close
October 29, 2012

Romney can't make outsized gains in a state where McCain did relatively well, allowing demographic changes to keep Obama in the game.

Florida 2012
October 29, 2012

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The Latest Campaign Spending Increases and What They Mean for the Race
October 29, 2012

Romney is pouring money into Iowa and Wisconsin—and Obama isn't matching him.

Daily Breakdown: PPP Polls Show Obama Ahead In Ohio and Florida
October 29, 2012

Obama has a strong polling weekend.

Romney's Florida Lead Hinges On Hispanics
October 28, 2012

Florida polls show a tight race among Hispanics, but can it really be true?

Why Blue State Votes May Matter This Year
October 26, 2012

Every year, we hear people in solidly-blue states complaining that their votes don't count. But this year, they do.

A Gay Athlete in the World's Most Macho Sport
October 26, 2012

For years, the American press has anticipated a gay athlete in a major sport. This month, he fought in Florida.