Scandale Française
January 30, 2008

David Golder, The Ball Snow in Autumn, The Courilof Affair   By Irène Némirovsky   Translated by Sandra Smith (Everyman's Library, 340 pp., $25) Fire in the Blood   By Irène Némirovsky Translated by Sandra Smith (Alfred A. Knopf, 138 pp., $22)   Irène Némirovsky: Her Life and Works By Jonathan Weiss (Stanford University Press, 195 pp., $24.95)     I. The writer: a Jew who had fled to the French countryside seeking refuge from occupied Paris, eventually deported to Auschwitz, where she would die in a typhus epidemic soon after her arrival.

Who's Rioting In France?
November 27, 2007

There are two articles of particular interest at the New York Times on-line at the moment of this writing, about 12:30 pam., Wednesday, November 28.  One article is by Ariane Bernard, and it was posted mid-afternoon.  The other, very up-to--date, was written by the veteran and seasoned journalist Elaine Sciolino.

Creative Destruction
November 12, 2007

The best case against universal health care.

Health Care Special Issue: Creative Destruction
November 12, 2007

More than a decade ago, Michael Kinsley, the journalist and former editor of this magazine, developed Parkinson's disease--a degenerative condition that impairs motor and speech control, producing tremors, rigidity, and eventually severe disability. While the standard regimen of medications helped, he knew that his symptoms were bound to get steadily worse with time. He needed something better--something innovative--before the disease really progressed. In 2006, he got it at the famed Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. The treatment Mike received is called Deep Brain Stimulation, or DBS for short.

The Usual Suspect
October 08, 2007

The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy By John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 484 pp., $26) In October 2002, Osama bin Laden issued a statement in which he analyzed America's inexhaustible number of sins and prescribed ways of repenting for many of them. The statement was, by the standards of bin Laden's cave encyclicals, unusually coherent.

Books: The Whole Horror
September 10, 2007

  The Years of Extermination: Nazi Germany and the Jews, 1939-1945 By Saul Friedlander (HarperCollins, 870 pp., $39.95) With the publication of The Years of Extermination, Saul Friedlander adds to his already well-established reputation as one of the world's pre-eminent historians of the Holocaust and of its place in modern European, German, and Jewish history.

Romney-sarkozy Summer Summit

There's news out of the Boston Globe this morning that the jogging French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, will be arriving shortly in Wolfboro, New Hampshire to exercise his French right to a vacation on the American shores of Lake Winnipesaukee. Sarko's vacation spot of choice would place him a few minutes around the lake from Mitt Romney's summer home.

Parent Trap
July 02, 2007

Jon Cohn on how Mitt Romney un-became his father.

Moral Majority
May 28, 2007

Regarding the nomination of Bernard Kouchner to head France's Ministry of Foreign Affiars, I think first of France, of the image she has of herself, then what she shows the world. The arrival of Kouchner--this great Frenchman, respected everywhere, the man who invented Médecins sans frontières (Doctors without Borders) and Médecins du monde (Doctors of the World), the famous "French Doctors"--at the Quai d'Orsay is obviously good news. Only the naysayers are sulking, only the losers are muttering about treason, wailing, like [Molière's] Miser, Harpagon, "My money box!

France's Fashoda Syndrome
May 07, 2007

Yet more evidence emerged just last week that France played a crucial role in abetting the 1994 Rwandan genocide. Rwanda, it should be noted, does not maintain diplomatic ties with France.