Francois Ozon

Francois Ozon's New Movie Makes Prostitution Look Like an Yves Saint Laurent Ad
May 18, 2014

Young and Beautiful has more product placement than character.

Finding One’s Self
April 06, 2013

The French director-writer François Ozon once made a memorable film called Swimming Pool, in which a parched writer was strengthened by contact with another person.

Riches and Rigmaroles
July 07, 2003

Tycoon (New Yorker), Swimming Pool (Focus), Jet Lag (Miramax) Heaven, often stingy in other matters, is generous with paradox. Recurrently through the seventy-year life of the USSR, we got reports of Soviet individuals who had become rich. With the approach of Tycoon from Russia, I hoped to have the contradiction explained. But this film is adapted from a novel about Boris Berezovsky, who certainly became rich but was mostly active in post-Marxist Russia, so it does not answer my old question.