Franz Beckenbauer

Luke Dempsey's Best and Worst
July 07, 2010

Best Uniform: Uruguay, for the insouciant way they wore their collars. No two players agreed -- should it be up, a la Eric Cantona; non-existent, a la Brazil, or all messed up? All messed up seemed to dominate. Worst individual performance: Ricardo Clark, USA. Phew, he was dreadful. Substituted after half an hour against Ghana? That's a starting pitcher giving up 8 runs in the top of the first. On two grand slams. No one out. In the post-season. Least enjoyable game: England vs. Algeria. Did anything at all actually happen?

Best of the Web, AM Edition
June 15, 2010

Why would anyone be a goalkeeper? A furor over Spain's win bonuses England tries to forget the USA game with a round of golf Sven-Goran Erikson's tough task ahead Franz Beckenbauer launches a "scathing" attack on England's playing style And Socrates is "not so confident" about Brazil Fashion watch: it's all about the comically over-sized sunglasses Top 10 worst World Cup teams of all time