Fred Upton

Obamacare Is Getting the Benghazi Treatment, Courtesy of House Republicans
April 30, 2014

And why not? They know people will keep citing their reports, no matter how wrong they turn out to be.

Upton Bill Passes, Democrats Stand by Obamacare—For Now
November 15, 2013

The House just passed Fred Upton’s bill. He calls it the “Keep Your Health Plan Act,” because its ostensible purpose is to make sure people losing their existing health plans can keep them. It might or might not have that effect.

Actually, You Can't Just 'Restore' Cancelled Health Plans
November 14, 2013

Five reasons a Congressional fix will be destructive

A Vote for the GOP's Obamacare "Fix" Is a Vote for Everything You Hate About Health Care
November 14, 2013

House Republicans have rallied behind the cause of people getting insurance cancellation notices—and, on Friday, they will vote on a measure that will purportedly allow these people to keep their current policies.

You Got Nothing
May 05, 2011

One of the things Republicans seem to have forgotten, in the wake of the introduction and swift passage of their Dickensian budget crafted by Paul Ryan, is their unshakeable commitment to health care reform. Remember that? Throughout the health care debate, they were determined to rally around their own reform plan. And now the House has passed a long-term budget that yanks health insurance away from more than 40 million Americans and neglects to put anything in its place. Maybe it’s just an oversight, like the time in freshman year when I turned in a history paper with no bibliography.

Is This What The Climate-Change Debate Has Come To?
February 10, 2011

Spend enough time listening to doubters and deniers of climate science speak, and you start to recognize certain familiar tics and tropes. There's the personal conversion story, for one. The skeptic explains how, once upon a time, he, too, blindly accepted everything climatologists have to say about how human activity is heating the planet.

Capping Off Fred Upton Day
February 08, 2011

In an effort to make this blog the go-to place for coverage of Rep.

Fred Upton, Linguist
February 08, 2011

Apparently Fred Upton's method of communicating is an even richer subject than I had thought. Two sentences of Upton's were so jargon-laden that they inspired a long meditation by David Roth:  The topic is what Stephanie K.

He's Been Living In His Upton World
February 08, 2011

Fred Upton used to be considered a Republican moderate, and one of the few members of his party who accepted the scientific consensus on climate change. This made him highly suspicious to conservatives. So, in order to chair the House Energy and Commerce Committee, he had to make a few adjustments. Meet the new Fred Upton: I had the great privilege of working for President Reagan, and his successful, free-market approach to energy offers important lessons for today's energy debate and its consequences for economic growth and job creation.

Can't Repeal Health Care Reform? Just Bury It In Paperwork
February 03, 2011

If Republicans in the House want to thwart health care reform, they have all sorts of options at their fingertips. They can vote—boldly but quixotically—to repeal the whole thing. (Um, check.) They can kick up their heels and pray that the Supreme Court strikes down the Affordable Care Act. (That might take awhile.) They can try to block new funding for the bill.