Maybe Securitization Didn't Cause the Crisis
September 18, 2009

Soon forthcoming in the top-ranked Quarterly Journal of Economics is a very well- received paper by four economists with convincing evidence of what many believe was the primary cause of the subprime boom and bust: That securitization took away the incentive for lenders to properly vet borrowers. But there's some new evidence questioning the paper's findings.

Worth Reading
September 01, 2009

Bailouts of Fannie and Freddie could also turn a profit. Sheila Bair: Super-regulator would "benefit the largest banks and punish community ones." Vanity Fair profiles Hank Paulson. Flash orders come to an end at Nasdaq. The number of "decent jobs" will stay flat over the next decade. Study: Multi-taskers are slowed down by irrelevant information.