Gareth Bale

The Tragedy of the 2014 World Cup: Gareth Bale Won't Be Playing
May 27, 2014

The Welshmen is the one player who would have made the tournament more interesting.

The Left Bank
June 24, 2012

Among the many pleasures of the tournament, Franck Ribéry ranks high on my list. Even yesterday, in the loss to Spain, I thought he was the only French player who would not let go of the bone. On the flip side, has there been a more disappointing player in this tournament than Karim Benzema? No, there has not—not by a long shot, and not even by the vast span of inaccuracy that accompanied his long shots, which were basically the only shots he had. Did the French ever complete a series of passes equivalent in its tumbling length to that previous sentence? No, they did not.