Gary Locke

The Census as Civic Enterprise
August 11, 2010

Yesterday morning, Commerce Secretary Gary Locke and Census Bureau Director Bob Groves stepped up to press conference mikes to announce that the Census Bureau is giving back $1.6 billion of its $7.6 billion budget for Fiscal Year 2010. Half of this 22 percent savings comes from unused contingency funds, set aside in case of natural disaster or operational breakdown.

Budget 2011: Driving Innovation Despite the Budget Cap
February 05, 2010

President Obama’s pledge to cap domestic non-defense spending in the FY 2011 budget did not mandate an across-the-board freeze, and nowhere is that fact more welcome than in the area of innovation investments. In lean times the new budget strongly favors basic science and applied research. Because it does, the budget represents an important step toward delivering on Obama’s signal commitment last spring to boost U.S.

Survey Says! No Need to Wait for the Census
September 22, 2009

Almost since President Obama took office, there have been heated discussions over the 2010 census. Remember the kerfuffle over whether the White House would take direct control of administering the Census as an end-around then presumed Commerce secretary Republican Judd Gregg? Then there was the debate around “sampling” instigated by Republicans who believed that sampling for Census non respondents would inflate the counts in Democratic districts.

Epic Fail, Sotu Rebuttal Version
February 25, 2009

Is there a more dangerous assignment for a rising party star to accept than a State of the Union rebuttal? Seriously, it’s hemlock.