Gay Fathers

Yes, That Gay Parenting Study Was Bogus: A Reply to Maggie Gallagher
June 12, 2012

Yesterday on The Plank, I argued that Mark Regnerus’s NFSS study is not a scientific study of same-sex parenting at all, as it claims to be, because it counts a bizarrely wide range of people as “Lesbian Mothers” and “Gay Fathers.” Over at the National Review, Maggie Gallagher responded incredulously. “Professor Corvino is just plain wrong,” she wrote. “Not a single one of these examples would be included in the lesbian mother or father category in Professor Regnerus’s new study.” Not a single one? Really? Let’s look at my examples.

Are Gay Parents Really Worse For Children? How a New Study Gets Everything Wrong
June 11, 2012

Question: What do the following all have in common? A heterosexually married female prostitute who on rare occasion services women A long-term gay couple who adopt special-needs children A never-married straight male prison inmate who sometimes seeks sexual release with other male inmates A woman who comes out of the closet, divorces her husband, and has a same-sex relationship at age 55, after her children are grown Ted Haggard, the disgraced evangelical pastor who was caught having drug fueled-trysts with a male prostitute over a period of several years A lesbian who conceives via