Worth Reading
September 25, 2009

Could the Dems lose the House in 2010? Keynes' "General Theory" was all about rational expectations. And he was right that you could spend your way out of a recession. Significant outflows from mutual funds even as stock prices rise. A primer on how insurance companies make money. Death bonds ain't no mortgage-backed securities.

Where's Holbrooke?
September 21, 2009

Look, everything I know about the top U.S.

UK General: Failure in Afghanistan Would "Intoxicate" Terrorists
September 18, 2009

More evidence for the idea that policymakers see "winning" in Afghanistan and an end in and of itself: The new head of the British Army, General Sir David Richards, also warned last night that Nato had yet to find the right formula for success in Afghanistan. General Richards also warned that defeat for the international coalition would have an “intoxicating impact” on extremists around the world.

Will McChrystal Be the Next Petraeus?
September 16, 2009

A conservative veteran's group wants to make it happen:  Mr. Hegseth, for his part, said his group [Vets for Freedom] planned to use Gen. McChrystal's name and image in all of its mailings about Afghanistan as a way of making him the public face of the Afghan war. The idea draws heavily from the Bush administration, which used Gen. David Petraeus as an effective public surrogate during the Iraq debates. "What we're trying to do here is raise the visibility of Gen. McChrystal," he said.

September 16, 2009

With the Iraq war spinning out of control in mid-2005, retired Marine General James L. Jones spoke with his old friend Peter Pace, the incoming chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Jones, who is now Barack Obama's national security advisor, had been sounded out for the Joint Chiefs job but demurred. One reason: He felt that civilian leaders in Washington were warping the military planning process. "Military advice is being influenced on a political level," Jones warned Pace, according to Bob Woodward's book State of Denial. Jones's warning squared with other reports at the time that U.S.

The Dostum Chronicles
September 09, 2009

Shiberghan, Afghanistan (one day before the election)—There was no mistaking the general’s “castle.” Its pastel-colored two-storey walls and lapis cupolas shocking amidst the drabness of the surrounding neighborhood. Somewhere inside the compound was General Abdul Rashid Dostum, the most notorious of Afghanistan’s warlords. In almost three decades as a militia leader, Dostum has earned a reputation for ruthless brutality towards enemies, as well as an opportunist’s disregard for alliances, which have shifted without notice.

Pat Buchanan's Revisionist Tendencies
September 04, 2009

Pat Buchanan's most recent column has landed him in a whole mess of trouble. In it, he argues that not enough blame has been put on the Poles and the British for starting World War II, and that Hitler's intentions were largely benign. Of course, this isn't exactly surprising; Buchanan has a long, sordid history of misremembering the war. TNR has been following this for years, and below you'll find some of our most damning reporting on the man. All in the Family (10/02/00).

Jim Jones on Kennedy
August 26, 2009

A somewhat unexpected tribute from the NSC chief: Statement by the National Security Advisor General James L.

Speaking of Liberal Bogeymen ...
August 20, 2009

As Marin so keenly pointed out the other day, high-ranking GOPers continue to cling to and promote falsehoods about the Democratic agenda, despite (sometimes overwhelming) evidence to the contrary. This time, it's Senator John Cornyn taking from the Palin-Grassley playbook. Earlier this month, he was outraged by the White House's web-based program that solicited emails and tips about the spread of health care misinformation. He claimed that it created an enemies list akin to that of Nixon, and infringed on citizens' First Amendment right.

TNRtv: On the Eve of Elections, the "Taliban Are Winning"
August 18, 2009

In this TNRtv exclusive, Bruce Riedel asserts that the “Taliban are winning” in Afghanistan (General Stanley McChrystal denied such claims earlier this month), and he reveals his specific time estimate for when U.S. policies in the region will bear fruit. Bruce Riedel is a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and chaired Obama’s strategy review of Afghanistan and Pakistan.