George H. W. Bush

Jeb Bush's Big Speech Didn't Clarify His Confused Foreign Policy
June 15, 2015

He wants to have it all, and it's a hot mess as a result.

History Shows That Hillary Clinton Is Unlikely to Win in 2016
November 17, 2014

American voters love to kick the ruling party out of the White House.

Right-Wingers Are Blaming Bill Clinton for the Navy Yard Shooting
September 17, 2013

The shooting at the Washington Navy Yard on Monday, which left 13 dead, including lone gunman Aaron Alexis, has sparked the usual contretemps (gun control vs.

Two Issues Romney Needs to Stop Obsessing Over
October 02, 2012

For Romney, talking about the economy means talking about small businesses and the national debt. One problem: Voters don't care.

The Biggest Challenge Facing Both Romney and Obama
January 19, 2012

Unless something dramatic happens—fast—the general election will soon be upon us, with Mitt Romney as the Republican nominee, and President Obama fighting for a second term. But if the primary season has proven largely predictable, the next phase of the presidential campaign will likely have more than a few surprises in store. Romney and Obama will be competing on a playing field more polarized along partisan and ideological lines than at any time in recent history.

2012 Will Be a Referendum on Obama, Whether He Likes It or Not
October 26, 2011

By all accounts, the Obama campaign wants to avoid having the 2012 election turn into a referendum on the president’s first term, hoping instead to turn it into a choice between the two major parties’ candidates and visions for the country’s future. But if history is any guide, that will be an uphill battle. Some presidential elections do consist of a head-to-head comparison of the candidates: They just happen to be the ones involving non-incumbents, candidates whose competence to serve as president can only be predicted.

Dangerous Game
January 28, 2011

I’ve just spent a snowed-in day plowing through the Congressional Budget Office’s latest ten-year budget and economic outlook. The short-term outlook is grim enough, with an estimated deficit of $1.5 trillion—a new record, and the third consecutive 13-figure result. As for the long-term outlook, it’s not as bad as you’ve read; it’s worse. Here’s why the headlines understate the gravity of our situation.

Flagpole Sitter
December 13, 2010

WASHINGTON—American decline is the specter haunting our politics. This could be President Obama's undoing—or it could provide him with the opportunity to revive his presidency. Fear of decline is an old American story. Declinism ran rampant in the late 1970s and early '80s.

I’ve Never Seen Israel Like This
June 27, 2010

Jerusalem—I visit Israel at least once a year, so I have an opportunity to observe changes in the country's concerns. Never before have I sensed such a mood of foreboding, which has been triggered by two issues above all—the looming impasse in relations with the United States and a possible military confrontation with Iran. In response to American pressure that began shortly after President Obama took office, the Netanyahu government agree last November to a temporary and partial freeze on construction in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, which averted an immediate crisis.