George H.W. Bush

Mccain And The Iraq Undertow
October 06, 2008

I watched last week’s debate between vice presidential candidates Joe Biden and Sarah Palin on CNN, where they show you the audience reaction among a group of undecided voters to what the candidates are saying. I was surprised to see that every time Palin attacked Barack Obama for being insufficiently militant in his policies toward Iraq or Iran or in Afghanistan, the needle of opinion turned sharply negative.

Speed Reading 'the War Within': How We Got Gates
September 10, 2008

Here's how President Bush chose Robert Gates as Secretary of Defense, according to Woodward. The atmospherics are exceedingly murky:  Bush says he first considered Gates because "a friend he had gone to college with, whom he declined to identify, had first made the suggestion."   Bush is adamant on the fact that he didn't consult George H.W. Bush about Gates.

Fixing For A Foreign Policy Fight
August 27, 2008

Derek Chollet is a senior fellow at the Center for a New American Security and coauthor of America Between the Wars: From 11/9 to 9/11.   Tonight, the Democrats turn to national security and America's role in the world. All the pundit bloviating about the bad blood between the Clintons and Obama has drawn attention away from an important story: Despite the intensity of the primary campaign, Democrats are more unified on major policy questions than they have been for a long time.

Playing The Age Card
August 22, 2008

If there was any doubt that the Obama campaign is trying to use McCain's house gaffe to highlight not just his wealth but his age, I think this new ad--complete with footage of McCain being driven around in a golf cart by the 84-year-old George H.W. Bush--should put that to rest. The Obama campaign doesn't want to turn McCain into Richie Rich. They want to turn him into Morty Seinfeld. --Jason Zengerle 

Flashback: When Bill Clinton Was A Populist
June 25, 2008

While I was hunting down video links for my item about vice presidential candidates and their great moments in campaign debates, I stumbled across the clip below, which is from the 1992 campaign. It doesn't feature the veep candidates, though. It showcases Bill Clinton going up against George H.W. Bush in what would become an iconic moment of that campaign. For those who don't remember, this was second of the three presidential debates that year. It was a town hall-style event, with audience members asking questions.

Primary School
January 30, 2008

Jeffrey Rosen’s 2008 debut as a campaign correspondent.

Angry White Man
January 08, 2008

Kirchick: Ron Paul's bigoted past.

Daybreak In Iowa
January 03, 2008

All Aboard [Thomas Beaumont, Des Moines Register]: “Iowa independents are expected to follow the lead set by their national peers in 2006. Nationwide, independents backed Democrats heavily in the watershed 2006 elections, in part out of a rejection of President Bush and a loud cry for change that has continued into the 2008 campaign, strategists in both parties agree.”  Thompson to Tap Out? [Jonathan Martin and Mike Allen, Politico]: “Thompson’s departure could shake up the race more than his continued presence.

The Devil's Advocate
September 24, 2007

The sleazy lobbyist who might save the world.

September 18, 2007

AP: COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - Former President George H.W. Bush backs John McCain's efforts to increase support for the Iraq war in a new video, a telecast that aides to both men say shouldn't be construed as an endorsement of McCain's White House bid. On Monday night, the former president appeared in the video shown at South Carolina's military college, The Citadel, during the final stop of the Arizona senator's "No Surrender" tour. "The bottom line is we must persevere; we must not surrender; we must not quit and run away.