George Romney

The Future Of Mitt Romney
February 07, 2008

Bidding adieu to ol' Willard, Jon speculates: In the 1950s and 1960s, George Romney made some his greatest contributions as a private citizen, whether it was rescuing the Detroit schools or rewriting the state constitution.  Mitt has already proven a success in similar endeavors, most famously when he took over the failing 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.  Now that his presidential campaign is over, perhaps he can return to projects of that sort, where his many talents can be best put to use. The difference, of course--as Jon knows better than I--is that George Romney never cast away h

Missing Mitt Romney
February 07, 2008

Mitt Romney's decision to withdraw from the Republican presidential campaign will surely please a lot of people -- starting with his rivals, both present and former.  It was no secret that Romney was widely reviled among the candidates.  Romney's willingness to transform his entire political persona, from the moderate technocrat who governed in Massachusetts to the conservative crusader who tried -- without enough success -- to win over the Republican base, really was breathtaking, even by the standards of politicians.  That, combined with his willingness to spend untold sums of his personal w

Romney And Michigan
January 11, 2008

  Daniel Gross has an article in Slate today arguing that Mitt Romney is not actually a very good fit for Michigan Republicans. I think he's probably right. He also makes a point that I was planning to make: Romney is a native son that the natives don't remember. Sure, George Romney was an iconic figure in Michigan—but that was nearly a half-century ago. Recent immigrants, or people who were born in the last 40 years, have no familiarity with the things that George Romney stood for—American Motors and the state's legacy of moderate Republicanism.

Romney Fires The Illegals He Had Rehired
December 06, 2007

Just about a year ago I posted news gleaned from the Boston Globe about Mitt Romney having retained a gardening company for his enormous estate in Belmont, Mass.*  The rub was that, like many gardening concerns, the workers were illegal immigrants...or, as the colloquials put it, "undocumented."  Maybe you read the new news about Romney's shenanigans.  But you haven't seen all of the news about this, with all the slippery nuances, unless you've read yesterday's Globe.  Two articles, in fact: one, "More immigrant woes for Romney;" the second, "Candidate provides new fodder for rivals." Then, th

Parent Trap
July 02, 2007

Jon Cohn on how Mitt Romney un-became his father.

The Granite Shifts
February 07, 2000

Jonathan Cohn explains how New Hampshire learned to love the government in 2000.

Stormin' Mormon
November 07, 1994

John Judis on Mitt Romney's 1994 challenge to Ted Kennedy.

The Death of the Moderns
August 06, 1977

Why the International Style failed.

George Romney Gone Bust
January 25, 1964

The Michigan governor's record doesn't look very presidential.

Romney and the Republicans
March 05, 1962

Selig S. Harrison's 1962 profile of Republican candidate George Romney's plans for the Republican party.