George Stephanopoulos

Watch This for 22 Seconds and You'll See Why Obama Can't Give an Inch
October 06, 2013

House Speaker John Boehner went on ABC News “This Week” to make clear his position: Republicans won’t give the government new borrowing authority until Democrats agree to negotiate about Obamacare and fiscal priorities.

Stephanopoulos vs. Stroumboulopoulos
June 14, 2013

Last weekend, to small fanfare and smaller ratings, CNN debuted a new celebrity interview show,“Stroumboulopoulos.” I will spare you the squinting doubletake: The network did not somehow quietly poach George Stephanopoulos from ABC’s "Good Morning."

Who’s Middle Class And Who’s Not: A Retort to Romney and Obama
September 14, 2012

Romney's latest gaffe raises the question, "Who's middle class and who's not?"

Tampa Dispatch: The Geography of Conventionland
August 30, 2012

TAMPA—Conventionland is home to many different tribes. And, in a city as sprawling as Tampa, geography is everything. RNC press materials don’t provide a map of the different clan’s stomping grounds (something like the handy diagrams inside Game of Thrones). So, I’ll attempt to map out the GOP 2012 landscape for you. The center of power, the capital of Conventionland, is made up of two massive structures: The Tampa Convention Center and the Tampa Bay Times Forum (where the nightly televised events take place).

Mitt Romney, Reluctant Savior
November 08, 2011

We have been unfair to Mitt Romney. We have depicted him as a man driven to be president, so eager to succeed where his father failed that he has been willing to twist himself into whatever pretzel the moment requires to pass muster with the electorate at hand. But no. Romney actually had no intention of making a second try at the White House after coming up short in 2008.

Who is Royce Lamberth?
August 24, 2010

U.S. District Court Judge Royce Lamberth made headlines yesterday for ruling that President Obama’s program providing funding for embryonic-stem-cell research is illegal. Here are four things you should know: 1. He’s a long-time public servant: Lamberth got his bachelor’s and law degrees from the University of Texas and then spent the next six years in the Army JAG Corps. From 1974 to 1987, he was the Assistant U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia and led its civil division from 1978 to 1987, when President Reagan appointed him to the D.C. U.S. District Court.

Why Dems Are Happy About the Primaries and I'm Not
August 11, 2010

The early spin on last night's primaries is that it was a good night for the Democrats, largely because Republican voters in four states rallied behind candidates who, in the words of Politico, are "tarnished by scandal, gaffes or some other significant vulnerability." And when you think about the likes of Linda McMahon, the World Wrestling tycoon, running for the Senate from Connecticut, the spin makes a lot of sense. This morning McMahon was on "Good Morning America" and host George Stephanopoulos asked her whether she regretted anything she did during her tenure at WWE.

The Day's Biggest News Is Stupak
March 19, 2010

Who sounds like he wants to make a deal. The contours of the agreement appear to be a separate House vote on affirming the Hyde language -- basically the same idea proposed by reader Eric Altshule, a former chief of staff on the Hill.

You Wanted Populism?
January 28, 2010

Going into the State of the Union, it was easy to expect a speech steeped in populism. The consensus was that the White House had misjudged the country's anger over bailouts and unemployment, all of which boiled over in Massachusetts. And so, beginning last Wednesday, Obama went out of his way to channel that anger at Wall Street.

Is Obama Really Breaking up the Banks?
January 27, 2010

Noam Scheiber: Obama's tough new approach to Wall Street is ... a lot like the old one.