George W. Bush

Golden Mean
July 03, 2000

Fall 1999 was a miserable time for Vice President Al Gore. Facing an unexpectedly strong primary challenge from Bill Bradley, Gore's listless campaign seemed to exist only to provide fodder for a series of withering assessments by a snickering press.

State of the Union
May 08, 2000

Why "civil union" isn’t marriage.

State of the Union
May 08, 2000

Andrew Sullivan: Why “civil union” isn’t marriage.

Pool Sharks
May 01, 2000

The April 11 press release touting George W. Bush's new health care plan promoted it as evidence of the Texas governor's heartfelt commitment to helping "families caught between poverty and prosperity." But the attached "contact list" hinted at a different sort of commitment. Usually such lists are stocked with think tankers and academics. On this one, four of the five contacts came from two lobbies representing small business: the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Federation of Independent Business (nfib). This was no fluke.

Race Against Himself
March 13, 2000

David Grann explores the psychology behind John McCain's 2000 presidential campaign.

Upwardly Mobile
March 06, 2000

Hanna Rosin's 2000 look at the aspirations of George W. Bush voters in South Carolina.

Improbable Cause
February 28, 2000

McCain’s 2000 campaign tries to beat Bush's "Michigan firewall."

February 21, 2000

David Grann examines George W. Bush’s scorched-earth tactics against John McCain in the 2000 South Carolina primary.

They Only Look Alive
February 14, 2000

TNR Editors on the real winners of the 2000 primary.

The Granite Shifts
February 07, 2000

Jonathan Cohn explains how New Hampshire learned to love the government in 2000.