Gerald Ford

The George W. Bush Presidential Library Is So … Conservative
December 07, 2009

James Gardner, formerly the architecture critic of the New York Sun, now writes on culture for several publications. To put the matter politely, presidential libraries tend not to inspire very good architecture. One generalization that can be made about the twelve libraries already in existence is that they tend to err on the side of dullness, like the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda and the Bush 41 Library in Texas.

You Think the American Relationship With Pakistan Is Fraught Now...
December 03, 2009

...but just imagine if this scenario had played out: Shortly after 9/11, President Bush had issued a “lethal finding,” giving the C.I.A. the go-ahead to kill or capture al-Qaeda members. (Under an executive order issued by President Gerald Ford, it had been illegal since 1976 for U.S.

Cheney for Fisherman
November 29, 2009

Jon Meacham is clearly an intelligent person and skilled writer, but his judgment about America and what America needs is somewhat inferior to that of my cat Lexie. Last November, he was telling us that the election affirmed the nation’s conservatism. Now he is urging Dick Cheney to run for president in 2012.

Rich Dem, Poor Dem
September 30, 2009

The health care debate has exposed the ideological tension in Barack Obama’s political coalition between moderates and liberals. But it has also offered hints of how another, less obvious divide built into the Democratic majority could wreak havoc on the administration during the years to come. In 2008, the Democratic Party blossomed into a successful alliance of the upscale and the downscale--wealthy and needy marching hand in hand, sharing animosity to George W. Bush and the war in Iraq. The extent to which Democrats are relying on the far extremes of the income spectrum is striking.

Conservatism Is Dead
February 18, 2009

An intellectual autopsy of the movement.

What's Trippi Think Of The Informercial?
October 29, 2008

As you probably know, Barack Obama is running a 30 minute spot on national television tonight. 30 minutes! What in the world could or should Obama talk about for 30 minutes, and is it even fair that he's doing it? We asked Joe Trippi, former advisor to Senator Edwards and campaign manager for Howard Dean, what he would do if he were running the show. Most presidential campaigns, back in the day, did long format ads. Gerald Ford did a long format from Air Force One. Carter did it.

End of an Error
October 22, 2008

Last year, I published a book describing how right-wing economics had come to dominate American politics. Whenever you write a book about something bad that's happening, you get asked for the solution. I'd shrug and admit that I didn't have one. The questioner would usually look slightly disappointed, so I'd add that nothing lasts forever, and eventually something will come along to change things. The financial crisis might be that something. When liberals talk about turning economic lemons into political lemonade, the usual model is the New Deal.

Parent Trap
July 02, 2007

Jon Cohn on how Mitt Romney un-became his father.

Ford Praises Nixon
January 13, 2007

The Times and other papers have picked up some comments from President Ford, who before his death (obviously) made clear his thoughts on various twentieth century presidents. Many of his opinons are pretty unremarkable, or at least unsurprising: He claimed Carter was a bad president, liked Ike, and wished the Reaganites would stop crowing so much about ending the Cold War (he also thought Reagan was a "poor manager").

Patriotic Ritual
January 02, 2007

by Richard Stern I think Americans are every bit as good as the English, French, and Italians at the public ceremonies that express and reinforce national loyalty. A former president's death, even more than a presidential inauguration, brings out the discipline finery and power, physical, musical and verbal, out of which a presidential family extracts the elements which leave personal signatures on official commemorations.