Gillian Anderson

The BBC's Latest Import is Modern, Chilling, and Groundbreaking
July 02, 2013

The BBC's latest import—now streaming on Netflix—is modern, chilling, and groundbreaking. 

The Return Of Monsterpiece Theatre
December 12, 2007

Vulture: X-Files star Gillian Anderson has been named the new host of PBS' Masterpiece Theatre. She's expected to be more skeptical of the masterpieces than previous hosts. Personally, I think they should've stuck with Alistair Cookie. --Christopher Orr

Women in Danger
January 15, 2001

By now it is a rule of thumb (well, my thumb, anyway) that a chief problem in filming a first-class novel is its prose. Other matters are much easier to deal with: extracting the plot, condensing it (usually necessary), and possibly rearranging it. But the better the novel, the less important is this plot-processing. The big trouble is in transmuting the very organism of a work in one art into another organism.