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Daley, Sperling, and Obama 2.0
January 06, 2011

Multiple media outlets are reporting that President Obama today will name William Daley as his new chief of staff, which means I've missed my chance to weigh in on him. Both Jon Chait and Ezra Klein have expressed misgivings about Daley and I share them.

Is the Favorite to Replace Larry Summers Too Close To Wall Street?
December 30, 2010

[Guest post by Noam Scheiber:] If you’ve spent much time talking to Treasury officials over the past two years, you’ve probably heard them joke that Gene Sperling, a counselor to Secretary Tim Geithner, is the department’s in-house populist. What makes this funny (insofar as wonk humor can be funny) is that Sperling isn’t exactly your classic pitch-fork wielder. He was director of Bill Clinton’s National Economic Council (NEC) in the late ‘90s, a period when the White House got pretty good marks for its understanding of business and the broader economy.

What’s Eating David Axelrod?
September 27, 2010

Among the many distinctions David Axelrod has achieved in his career, there is one that requires special elaboration: He is, it turns out, one of the few customers to have ever run a tab at Manny’s, the Chicago cafeteria and deli. This is not because the odd knish ($4.25) or side of potato chips ($0.75) threatened to leave him cash-poor. It is, rather, because Axelrod has long styled himself someone who accumulates wisdom at places regular people frequent, not the lacquered haunts of downtown Washington. What the Oval Room is to Beltway consultant-dom, Manny’s is to Axelrod.

Oy Bai
August 18, 2010

[Guest post by Jonathan Bernstein:] Jonathan Bernstein is a political scientist.

The Unnecessary Fall
August 12, 2010

A counter-history of the Obama presidency.

Why Brandeis Matters
June 29, 2010

Louis D. Brandeis: A Life By Melvin I. Urofsky (Pantheon, 955 pp., $40) I. In 1916, Herbert Croly, the founder and editor of The New Republic, wrote to Willard Straight, the owner of the magazine, about the Supreme Court nomination of Louis Brandeis. Croly enclosed a draft editorial called “The Motive of Class Consciousness,” and also a chart prepared by a lawyer in Brandeis’s office showing the overlapping financial interests, social and business connections, and directorships of fifty-two prominent Bostonians who had signed a petition opposing Brandeis’s nomination.

The Breakup
June 17, 2010

Did Obama just dump his best friend on Wall Street?

Best of the Web, PM Edition
June 15, 2010

Simon Kuper: "the growing tribe of US soccer nerds" ThinkProgress takes on "the right-wing war against soccer" Jonathan Chait: soccer triumphalism turns ugly Hyundai pulls its "Church of Soccer" ad Spain is the Apple of World Cup teams; France is the Goldman Sachs How African is ESPN's African Choir? Goal Post endorses Must Read Soccer The most ridiculous reasons to lose a World Cup place  

Best of the Web, AM Edition
June 08, 2010

Goldman Sachs produces the mother of all World Cup research reports. Why isn't India any good at soccer?  What to read about post-apartheid South Africa. A hilarious interview with soccer guru David Hirshey.  Maradona urges his players to fornicate. Brazil objects. How much altitude actually affects the World Cup ball. Also, watch the ball being made. Zonal Marking thinks Germany are more aesthetically pleasing than usual. Jonathan Wilson: Why Ivory Coast have little chance at World Cup glory. Measuring your life in World Cup milestones.

Off to the Races!
June 08, 2010

Political junkies rejoice! There are twelve states holding elections today, including ten primaries, one runoff, and one special-election runoff. Among these, the contests that have drawn most national attention are in California, South Carolina, Nevada, Iowa, and Arkansas. The following is an overview of why these primaries matter and what you should look for in the results. California: Mega-Money Chases Micro–Voter Interest The Governor's Race As I recently explained for TNR, citizens of the Golden State are in a very bad mood, even by the jaundiced national standards of Election 2010.