Goverment Shutdown

John Boehner Is Appeasing His Crazy Caucus Again. Expect the Same Result.
February 03, 2015

Will the GOP allow a Homeland Security shutdown? Not likely.

John Boehner's Shutdown Endgame: "The Final Spasm of a Corpse"
October 15, 2013

On Monday I wrote that the shutdown/default-threat/Republican extortion plot was essentially over—it was just a matter of Harry Reid and his Republican counterpart, Mitch McConnell, hammering out the final details of a deal whose contours were coming

Pundits Are Running Out of Lunatics to Compare with Republicans
October 15, 2013

Trotsky? Taken. Col. Kurtz? Spoken for. The punditocracy is dangerously low on unique historical analogues for the GOP.

Obama Should Just Give in to the Republicans
October 10, 2013

President Obama should give in. Yes, this mess is all the Republicans’ fault. Yes, it’s outrageous that they can hold the government hostage in order to reargue a law that’s been voted on, signed, enacted, and upheld by the Supreme Court.