Great Recession

Four Signs Long-Term Unemployment Is Becoming a National Tragedy
July 09, 2014

The long-term unemployed may be the greatest casualty from the recession.

Mitch McConnell Plays Politics With the Economy by Accusing Obama of Playing Politics With the Economy
June 18, 2014

Republicans still don't even have a legitimate plan to create jobs.

Survey Shows Why the Economic Recovery Is Weak: You're Saving Too Much
April 21, 2014

People would rather save than spend and that creates a negative feedback loop.

The Media Can't Stop Sucking Up to Alan Greenspan
Instead of treating him like a wise man, make him pay J.P. Morgan's fine
October 22, 2013

Alan Greenspan should be apologizing to the country. Instead, he's back without regrets—and the star-struck media lets him get away with it.

Crisis? What Crisis? Check Out America's Swankiest Law Offices
July 22, 2013

The legal profession's economics may be in trouble. But its office aesthetics remain luxurious.

Recession Redux
Why I'm not cheering the economic recovery
April 02, 2013

Why I'm not cheering the economic recovery.

Leveraging America’s Competitive Advantage: People
November 28, 2011

Despite the shock of the recent Great Recession, Washington continues to neglect one important asset that America has over other nations: people. Whether they are Americans or non-Americans, recent immigrants or fourth-generation Americans, skilled or unskilled, the mobility of people in and out of a country plays a key role in today’s global economy.  Last week’s Economist cover story, “The Magic of Diasporas,” reveals the critical role of immigrant networks in the global production process. Whether it’s through the transfer of knowledge, creating new innovative technologies, or attracting fo