Should Republicans Pray For Rain In Nh?
November 01, 2008

While RealClearPolitics has listed New Hampshire as a "solid" for Obama (up by 12.3), McCain is still putting in time in the state where he launched his national career and came back from behind to win the Republican primary, speaking last week in Manchester. Manchester is a town in Hillsborough County (population 402,302), where the vote was split down the middle for Kerry and Bush.

Huckabee In The Elephants' Graveyard
December 08, 2007

A recent incident in Greenville, SC reminds me why it's unlikely that Mike Huckabee will make it to the nomination. (Though a liberal can always hope.) As Mike Crowley explained last month, when the GOP establishment dislikes an insurgent candidate--and they haven't liked one since Ronald Reagan--they use legendarily vicious smear tactics to kill his candidacy in South Carolina. When Mike wrote his piece, South Carolina looked like a toss-up because the Republican establishment was about evenly divided between Romney, Giuliani, Thompson, and McCain.

February 21, 2000

David Grann examines George W. Bush’s scorched-earth tactics against John McCain in the 2000 South Carolina primary.

The Case Against 'Abroad'
December 11, 1994

CLOSE THAT COPY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS. IT'S O.K. Clip the coupon below to let Foreign Policy guide you through the next critical year. — Advertisement in Foreign Affairs, Fall 1993 I think I can pinpoint the moment I first felt obliged to be interested in foreign affairs. It was during a steamy New Orleans summer between high school and college, when, after a local worthy ridiculed me for never having heard of Rebecca West, I found myself bench-pressing a copy of Black Lamb and Gray Falcon, the author's 1,200-page study of Yugoslavia.

The Government Gap
June 03, 1991

Wilson's 1991 review of Why Americans Hate Politics: The Death of the Democratic Process and The United States of Ambition: Politicians, Pow