Harry Reid

Romney On His Mormonism

Well, it wasn't exactly JFK at the Greater Houston Ministerial Association, but Mitt Romney did broach the religion question at the Family Research Council's "Washington Briefing" just now. Here's what he said (and I'm paraphrasing slightly since it was a few minutes before I could jot it down): I understand that a few people have heard I'm Mormon. Some people have wondered whether they could vote for a Mormon. But that's probably just because of Harry Reid.

Those Evil-natured Lobbyist Robots, Programmed To Destroy Us

Obama is angry today at the Senate for listening to the money and dropping their assault on private equity firms. The sentiment is dead on -- except he is a member of that Senate. I understand campaigning takes up all a candidate's time, but if he worried so much about reform on this getting accomplished, he could have pushed Harry Reid a little. Word from your party's presidential candidates that they really need a chance to register a crucial Senate vote has some influence.

Reading Reid's Tea Leaves

Is anyone else having trouble understanding what is going on inside Harry Reid's head? A couple of weeks ago, he vowed to take a new tack and work more closely with Republicans on compromise Iraq legislation this fall, but today there's this: After weeks of suggesting Democrats would temper their approach to Iraq legislation in a bid to attract more Republicans, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid declared abruptly Tuesday that he had no plans to do so. "There (are) no goals.

The Gop's Glum View

Along with several other reporters today I attended a background lunch (held at 101 Constitution Avenue, naturally) with a prominent Republican senator. It doesn't seem like much fun to be in his shoes right now. He could barely mount a case for a Republican comeback in the short term, and even fretted about the possibility of Democratic numbers in the Senate growing to the point where Harry Reid can easily break filibusters. Particularly telling was his response when someone asked which issues he thought the GOP could ride back into power.

Go On And Cry Me A River

I'm not a big Bob Novak reader over here, but this morning's incredibly incoherent and intelligence-insulting offering deserves a mention: Billed with the sexy title "Reid's Anti-Reform Maneuvers," Novak's column consists of a harangue against a single earmark offered by Senator Ben Nelson -- debate over it was scuttled to make space for the all-night Iraq debate, a switchoff that Novak concedes was "mere coincidence," not the result of Reid's disclosure-suppressing machinations -- and vague harrumphing about the government's good old days of the sort you usually get sitting at the feet of you

You'll Stay Up 'til This Dump Shines!

The cots were just rolled into the Capitol to dramatize Harry Reid's forcing the Republicans to do an all-night filibuster on the Levin-Reed amendment.

More On The Politico
June 15, 2007

The Politico story I slammed yesterday--about Harry Reid criticizing Generals Pace and Petraeus in a conference call with liberal bloggers--turns out to be accurate, at least as it relates to Pace. Blogger Bob Geiger, who was on the call, has confirmed that Reid described Pace as "incompetent." The outstanding question, as far as I can tell, is what, if anything, Reid said about Petraeus during the call. The initial story asserted that the majority leader made "similar disparaging remarks" about Petraeus but gave no further sense of what those comments might have been.

Knowledge Gap
April 30, 2007

Maybe it was a slip of the tongue. But, when Nancy Pelosi confessed last year that she felt "sad" about President Bush's claims that Al Qaeda operates in Iraq, she seemed to be disputing what every American soldier in Iraq, every Al Qaeda operative, and anyone who reads a newspaper already knew to be true. (When I questioned him about Pelosi's assertion, a U.S. officer in Ramadi responded, incredulously, that Al Qaeda had just held a parade in his sector.) Perhaps the House speaker was alluding to the discredited claim that Al Qaeda operated in Iraq before the war. Perhaps.

Riddle Me This
April 26, 2007

"Here's a Washington political riddle where you fill in the blanks: As Alberto Gonzales is to the Republicans, Blank Blank is to the Democrats.... If you answered 'Harry Reid,' give yourself an A." So begins David Broder's latest effort to force his shallow, utterly obsolete, both-parties-are-equally-to-blame-for-everything frame onto the news of the day. Is he suggesting that Reid is the beneficiary of rank cronyism? No. That he lies at the center of a fast-metastasizing scandal involving the politicization of law enforcement? Also no.

Mincing Words
April 23, 2007

As you probably know, Harry Reid said the other day that the war "is lost." Pressed about that quote on CNN this evening, Reid's main defense amounted to repeating General David Petraeus's argument that the war "can't be won militarily." But that's a very different point. Petraeus was arguing for the necessity of a political settlement--one he still apparently thinks possible. (Although I'll grant that Petraeus sounded alarmingly discouraged in this article.) I don't think it's at all ridiculous to call the war a lost cause.