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A Texas Newspaper Takes Aim at Wendy Davis's Cinderella Story—and Spins the Facts, Too
January 20, 2014

Wendy Davis got a few dates wrong, but it doesn't diminish her extraordinary story.

What Wendy Davis Looked Like 20 Years Ago
August 16, 2013

The famous filibusterer as a Harvard Law Grad in 1993.

Identity Catastrophe
June 01, 2009

Click here for Margo Howard's coverage of the first two days of Week Two. Click here for the last two days of Week Two. Click here for her coverage of Week Three. And click here for her concluding coverage. Last July one of The Boston Globe guys who’s a pal called to ask if I knew any Rockefellers. I said yes. He said, “Can you find out if anyone in the family who would be in his 40s is named ‘Clark’?” I asked why. He said someone who identified himself as a Rockefeller just kidnapped his seven-year-old daughter and left town with her.

How Harvard beat Yale in the Democratic Party
February 04, 2009

If a transition tells you something about a president's style—if not his chances of success—then Bill Clinton and Barack Obama could hardly be more different. Clinton was often at his worst as president-elect.