Harvard University

The Democratic Temper
November 11, 1981

American Politics: The Promise of Disharmony By Samuel P. Huntington (Harvard University Press, 303 pp., $15) This brilliant book should have been published a year ago. In the last days of the Carter Administration it did seem as if our political institutions suffered from a deepening erosion of authority. The leading exhibit was an enfeebled presidency whose decline had continued from the 1960s to the 1970s, regardless of party or person.

Architecture and the New Package Style
April 04, 1955

TODAY, some 20 years after the apparent unlamented demise of Technocracy, that doctrine is only just coming into its own—in our architecture. Architects, in collaboration with numerous home owners, businesses and universities (not to mention the U N), are producing numberless permanent monuments to the theory. Harvard University’s Graduate Student Dormitory, Illinois Tech’s Campus, Lever Brothers New York headquarters, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s new auditorium are only our premiere examples.