Herblock Was a Fine Political Cartoonist. Liberals Don't Need to Deify Him.
January 26, 2014

Herbert Block spent his long life practicing the vicious art of visual mockery.

HBO Once Again Has the Best New Show on TV
January 16, 2014

Is This the Next 'Breaking Bad'?

HBO's 'Looking' Isn't 'Girls' For Gay Men, But It Is The First Truly Post-DOMA Show
January 15, 2014

Finally, a TV show that insists on making gay life mundane.

'Girls' Has Grown Up—And Isn't As Funny
January 09, 2014

This season of "Girls" can feel less Lena Dunham than Larry David.

The Veep Is More Popular Than the President
October 27, 2013

If Joe Biden really wants to get the most out of his time as vice president, he should sign a development deal instead of forming an exploratory committee.

Larry David Keeps Playing Himself, and It's Getting Old
August 12, 2013

Larry David might look like a new agey Moses in his HBO movie Clear History, which premiered Saturday night, but somehow the wild facial hair and flowing pants only serve to make him seem more like Larry David.

Love and Hatewatching
July 12, 2013

In defense of 'The Newsroom.'

Gandolfini as Robert Moses? The Dream Role He Never Got to Play
June 21, 2013

James Gandolfini acted in and considered many roles in his distinguished career, but there was one man who fascinated him, whom he never got to play: New York’s powerful master builder, Robert Moses.

Christopher Guest Was Not Made for TV
May 10, 2013

Christopher Guest’s mockumentaries are small, perceptive oddities, so unblinkingly committed to the worlds they investigate that the comedy can seem almost accidental.

Journalism As Extreme Sport
April 05, 2013

HBO's "Vice" goes from Brooklyn to Afghanistan, ironic distance intact.