Health Care

Yes, the Government Can Make You Vaccinate Your Child
February 03, 2015

The courts agree: It's not a violation of your constitutional rights.

A Little Girl Died Because Canada Chose Cultural Sensitivity Over Western Medicine
January 21, 2015

A child's life should trump religious beliefs. Always.

Red States Are Reinventing Medicaid to Make It More Expensive and Bureaucratic
January 18, 2015

That's how scared Republican governors are of the word "Obamacare."

Big Pharma Is Making Progress in Finding an Ebola Vaccine, But They May Be Fighting The Wrong Battle
January 09, 2015

Basic nursing care isn't as sexy as the race for a vaccine, but it's a lot more effective. 

America's Medical Bill Didn't Spike Last Year
December 03, 2014

We still have a spending problem, but right now it's not getting worse.

Chuck Schumer Is Trash Talking Obamacare Again—And He's Still Not Making Any Sense
November 25, 2014

Chuck Schumer was always skeptical about health reform—and he was always wrong.

The Media's Overreaction to Ebola Is Sending a Chill Through My Coworkers at Doctors Without Borders
October 30, 2014

It's not "fair or accurate," and it "has sent a chill through my colleagues."

These Charts Are Good News if Your Employer Pays for Health Insurance
September 10, 2014

If you have insurance from your job, you're probaby in good shape.