Health Care

My Son, The Doctor
September 05, 2005

The saga of Jews and medicine.

Pick and Lose
August 22, 2005

Has any word done more to cloak the modern conservative agenda than "choice"? As President Bush and Republican congressional leaders regularly remind us, Social Security privatization would give workers investment choices, school vouchers would give parents education choices, and Medicare privatization would give retirees health care choices. All of this is technically true: Social Security privatization, for example, really would present new opportunities for investing retirement savings.

May 28, 2001

This week, after months of congressional wrangling, President Obama signed historic health care reform into law. For the last ten years, TNR’s resident health care expert Jonathan Cohn has been writing about the big structural problems in our health care system and what can be done to fix them. This week’s archive piece is a Cohn classic: a 2001 examination of why America’s best hospitals were suffering under the existing health care system.

No Exit
February 07, 1994

If these facts surprise you, it's because you haven't been given a straight story about the Clinton health bill. Take two examples: on November 4, Leon Panetta, the director of the Office of Management and Budget, testified to senators that the bill does not "set prices" and "draw up rules for allocating care"; a month later Hillary Rodham Clinton assured a Boston audience that the government will not limit what you can pay your doctor.

Genes 'R' Us
July 17, 1989

It's hard to predict where genetic engineering is heading, but it's easy to predict what different scientists will say about where it's heading. The key is the fax test. Biotechnology enthusiasts fax to you. Ring them up, and they send corporate reports, congressional testimony, and biographical information on their CEOs. They set up conference calls so you can bask in the visions of senior executives.